Features of the first Lexus 100% electric

The Lexus UX 300e, is scheduled to launch in Portugal in the first quarter of 2021.

The Lexus UX 300e is the result of an extraordinary attention to detail, and this highlight of eight “Amazing” features illustrates just that. Taken together, they demonstrate innovation, engineering and quality craftsmanship Takumi, which make this compact SUV a unique proposition.

The UX 300e has a variety of innovative aerodynamic details for better performance, silence and electric range. The fins on the lower front grille open and close automatically, depending on cooling needs, reducing drag to just 0.31. The design of the rear lights reduces turbulence due to air displacement by about 16%, contributing to greater stability of the rear cornering and when subjected to side winds.

Some 100% electric vehicles result in reduced luggage space. Thanks to the intelligent placement of several key components, such as the compact lithium-ion battery installed under the rear seats and the passenger compartment floor, the boot of the new UX 300e is larger than that of the UX 250h electrified with hybrid technology, and without compromising space for rear passengers, who enjoy almost the same space.

The UX 300e has heated rear seats, which, together with the comfort they bring to passengers, have a positive impact on electric range, reducing the need to use air conditioning to heat the cabin.


The leather sports seats in the Lexus UX 300e are inspired by ‘sashiko’, a traditional Japanese sewing technique used in judo and kendo suits. For a visual effect that reflects the brand’s signature front grille, Lexus artisans put the backstitch according to mathematical curves aligned with the perforation pattern and the seat’s ventilation vents. The result is a sophisticated fusion of art and functionality.

Car doors are the driver’s first point of contact with the vehicle. In the relentless pursuit of perfection, acoustic engineers on the new Lexus UX 300e collaborated with neuroscientists to come up with the ultimate sound of a door slam. Based on research on the brain waves that are created when the door of a luxury car is closed, the team selected the best materials, developed to measure and with the shape of the door adjusted in tenths of a millimeter, to reproduce a luxurious sound, comforting and reassuring.

Finally, to ensure the correct door closing sound before the car leaves the Kyushu factory, Lexus artisans Takumi listen, and when necessary, adjust each UX door in a special room – the “Quiet Room“.


In the UX 300e Luxury versions, the illuminated ventilation controls feature a wireless LED light source powered by electrical induction. Each ultra-thin air outlet on the new UX has a single button to control the direction and intensity of the air flow. This advanced and elegant detail incorporates a unique effect of depth, even if the illuminated button is only 3mm in diameter.

The new UX 300e’s windshield wiper system is one of the most innovative of its kind, equipped not only with an automatic sensor, but with the ability to slow down gradually so as not to impair driver concentration. Underlying the Lexus “Omotenashi” spirit (Japanese culture value, which is part of Lexus’s DNA, which translates into hospitality and providing memorable experiences) windshield wipers stop automatically when a door opens, thus preventing passengers entering or leaving get wet.

To ensure its smooth operation, each rear door and respective opening of the UX 300e is measured at approximately 200 different reference points before assembly. The digital measurement equipment used even allows for small differences in temperature and humidity. Based on this data, Lexus Takumi artisans can adjust each rear door of the UX to fit exactly, ensuring that it works perfectly for many years.

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