Federation institutes Cineclube Day to celebrate cineclubista activity

Twenty-three structures from around the country will celebrate the Day of the Cineclube, an initiative instituted by the Portuguese Federation of Cineclubes (FPCC) and which will be celebrated for the first time this year.

The initiatives of the Day of the Cineclube (April 14) will run from Friday until April 18, with films, debates and live music by 23 cineclubes from north to south of the country and in the Azores, said the Vice- President of the FPCC, Carlos Coelho.

Film Day is celebrated this year for the first time, and the organization wants to “get the idea to the International Federation of Cinematographers” so that the day can be celebrated around the world, he said.

The celebration “aims to give visibility to all work that is done by the cinema clubs, and at the same time it shows its historical and current importance, we also want to honor the cinema,” said Carlos Coelho.

In all 23 clubs that joined the initiative, a text was written by the FPCC “on the role of film clubs” will be read, with the expectation that in future editions people will be invited to the cinema to write the text that will be read during the celebration.

In the initiative, there will be space for the screening of films from different eras and genres, such as Carlos Porfírio’s “A Scream at Night” in Faro, Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” in Porto, “O Vento“, by Victor Sjostrom in Viseu, “Todos Sabem“, by Asghar Farhadi in Viana do Castelo, or “Blow Up” by Michelangelo Antonioni in Setúbal, among others.

According to the official, the date was chosen – April 14 – symbolizes the announcement of the founding of the world’s first movie club, which took place in Paris in 1907 by Edmond Benoit-Lévy, director of the Phono-Ciné-Gazette magazine.

There is also “the happy coincidence” of the previous day being the anniversary of the national cineclube in activity for the longest time, the Cineclube do Porto.

Still in the celebration of the Day of the Cineclube, will be announced, on April 14, the films nominated for the Prize António Loja Neves, an initiative of the FPCC that intends to distinguish the cinema produced and realized in African Countries of Portuguese Official Language.

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