Vandoma and Cerco fairs, in Porto, reopen this weekend

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The Vandoma and Cerco fairs reopen this weekend, September 18th and 19th.

The City Council of Porto, given the current pandemic context that has been progressively improving and with the consequent relaxation of the restrictive measures, decided to reopen both fairs.

Feira da Vandoma will only work with resident sellers and without occasional sellers and, at Feira do Cerco, only sellers who, in a pre-pandemic period, had their financial situation (fees) regularized with the Municipality of Porto will be admitted.

Thus, the 156 permanent traders/fairers who expressed an interest in maintaining their place at Feira da Vandoma will be able to take their places at the planned location. The 28 permanent traders/fairers of the Feira do Cerco, who have always paid their fees, will also be able to fill the places allocated to them.

The Porto City Council calls for compliance with all the basic rules set out by the Directorate-General for Health, namely: physical distance, hand hygiene, and the use of masks whenever justified.

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