Fejka live in Lisbon

Music Box

The German producer Fejká, published by Christian Löffler’s Ki Records and Cercle Records, will perform in October at Music Box, in Lisbon. Their music is described as a melodic mix between smooth, dreamy atmospheres and the vigorous vibe of techno in a perfect balance between the two.

“Day/night, dream/dance, slow/fast – music has always been two worlds for me,” explains Fejká when asked to talk about the distinctive music he produces. Captivated by the atmospheric vibration and calm of ambient music, as well as the state of absolute ecstasy provoked by the powerful techno beat, this artist decided to explore the perfect balance between both universes without giving up the deeper and more exploratory side of each one of them.

Brian Zajak, also known as Fejká, is a native of Stuttgart, Germany, and began his musical career at the age of 17. Between the smooth and dreamy atmosphere of the ambient music and the strong and vigorous vibe of the techno, Fejká found his unique place, which has already manifested itself in two albums released on the German Ki Records, the same label that releases works by Christian Löffler, an artist, by the way, with whom Fejká has already collaborated. Hiræth is the title of Fejká’s most recent album and is touted as a work of melodic and atmospheric deep house: a display of warmth and calm that embraces the listener and inspires feelings of longing. Working in his studio in Stuttgart, Fejká used processed synthesizers, pads, a piano, and an analog recorder to create a heightened nostalgic ambiance and establish a genuine and meaningful relationship with the listener. Above all, his music is deeply personal and emotionally authentic.

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