Fela Day

The celebration of Fela Kuti's birth

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Lisbon is getting ready to celebrate the birth of Fela Kuti. It will be on November 12th, with concerts taking place at Studio Time Out and an “After Party” at Village Underground.

At Estúdio Time Out, the celebration starts at 10 pm with Cacique’97 and Carapaus Orkestra, who bring a luxury guest: rapper Tekilla. We will also have Tiago Santos who will play music between performances.

The “After Party” takes place at the Village Underground from midnight, where Lady G Brown, Selecta Alice and Fella Ayala will carry the party until morning.

Mentor of Afrobeat, the musician who took music as a weapon and became an activist, crossed oceans and always fought in defense of human dignity and freedom. His birthday is celebrated every year worldwide, and this time the celebration takes over Lisbon again.

CACIQUE’97 – No introductions needed. Fela Kuti and Tony Allen’s passion for music united these musicians in pursuit of a common goal: to create a collective that mirrors the Lisbon mix, crossing the characteristic Nigerian urban rhythm that is the afro beat, with the musical tradition of the African countries of Portuguese and Brazilian official language, which has always been very present in the Portuguese capital. Cacique’97 intends to give birth to a global soundtrack of the new times without losing the militant approach and the promotion of social conscience that the Afro beat is so fond of. All this miscegenation makes Cacique’s 97 afrobeat unique

Carapaus Orkestra – A meeting between Brazilian and Portuguese musicians in order to revere African music and its various developments in other parts of the planet. The aim of this trip is to venerate the Goddess music of Mother Africa, from Tony Allen and Orlando Julius to the cutting Funk of James Brown, from Tuareg to Rock by Jimi Hendrix, the Blues by Ali Farka Touré, Billie Holliday, Muddy Waters, the Rap from the Bronx and ancestral Griots from around the world or even the Jazz of Mulatu Astatke, Moacir Santos, Elza Soares and Miles Davis.
Afrobeat No Go Die!



Chief ’97
Horse mackerel Orkestra Feat. tekilla
DJ Tiago Santos


Lady G Brown
Selecta Alice
fella ayala

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