Fernando Cunha celebrates 40 years at Festas do Mar in Cascais

August 31st with many guests

Fernando Cunha will have a true cast of stars at his side in Cascais tomorrow.

Diogo Campos (Legal Evidence and Ar de Rock), Maria Leon (Ravel, Chameleon Collective and Ar de Rock), Henrique Gonçalves (Duque Província), Paulo Costa (Ritual Tejo and Ar de Rock), Olavo Bilac (Santos e Pecadores and Resistência ), Rui Pregal da Cunha (Heróis do Mar and LX90), Miguel Ângelo (Delfins and Resistência), Dora Fidalgo (Delfins), Tim (Resistência and Xutos & Pontapés), Tozé Santos (Perfume), Tozé Brito (Quarteto 1111), Teresa Salgueiro (Madredeus), Gospel Collective (Choir led by Selma Uamusse) and Pedro Oliveira (Sétima Legião).

Fernando Cunha > 2023.08.17 > Festival O Sol da Caparica ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

On the other hand, the very present Invisíveis – a band that usually backs Fernando Cunha and is composed of João Campos (voice, acoustic guitar, and ukulele), João Gomes (keyboards and backing vocals), João Alves (electric guitar and backing vocals), Philippe Keil (bass) and Francisco Cunha (drums) – will be accompanied at different times by notable musicians such as Pedro Jóia (Resistência), João Pedro Pimenta (producer of Sitiados), Antonio Horgan (Duque Province), Eduardo Faustino (Duque Province), Alexandre Frazão (Resistência), José Salgueiro (Resistência), Fernando Júdice (Resistência), Luis Sampaio (Dolphins), Emanuel Ramalho (Dolphins, Radio Macau), Rui Fadigas (Dolphins), Jorge Quadros (Dolphins), Jonathan Miller (Chameleon Collective) , Antonio Silvestre (ex– Delfins), FLAK (Radio Macau) and Alexandre Cortez (Radio Macau).

All these companions, friends, and collaborators will help bring to the party many eternal songs known to the general public.

On August 31st, next Thursday, the Sea Festivals also become a celebration of a man who never knew how to live far from that sea, the inspiration for so much of his music. His name is Fernando Cunha and he has many generous friends.

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