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Fernando Daniel sells out Altice in his debut in the most important venue in Lisbon

e contou com a presença de Beatriz Rosário, Diego, Agir e Carlão

The artist’s debut on the country’s biggest stage could not have been more auspicious.

Fernando Daniel transformed the Altice Arena into his home and welcomed the public, who filled the arena to its maximum capacity with a standing audience, for an original concert, full of guests and surprises. Anyone who entered the Altice Arena on the night of October 14th found a surprising and special stage: a two-story house, with all the rooms, including a garage with a car on stage, welcomed the more than 16 thousand people who completely sold out the arena.

Fernando Daniel < 2023.10.14. < Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

At the first chords, “Nós os Dois” can be heard, one of the songs included in “V.H.S Vol. 1”, Fernando Daniel’s most recent album and the public reacted immediately if it weren’t for the record being a champion of streams and sales. “Outra Vez” follows, also taken from “V.H.S Vol. 1” to move on to the beautiful “Cair”, from Fernando Daniel’s second album “Presente” which achieved platinum status.

Fernando Daniel < 2023.10.14. < Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

On the fourth song, the first guest of the night, Beatriz Rosário, makes her debut, to sing the meaningful duet “Metade”, and the whole room feels moved. “Tal Como Sou”, one of Fernando Daniel’s many great hits, is sung in chorus with the audience. On a night full of emotions, Fernando Daniel’s nephew, Diego, takes the stage to recreate the viral moment of The Voice Kids, singing with his uncle the wonderful “Prometo”, a song written for his daughter, Matilde, and the first single from the most recent album.

Fernando Daniel < 2023.10.14. < Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

“Se Eu”, a song originally shared with the Brazilians Melim, fills the room and the hearts of the audience. Then, “Memória / Entre Nós”, two songs included on the debut album, “Salto”, marks the first moment of entry of the wonderful string sextet that accompanies some of the concert’s themes. If the emotion, until now, has been ascendant, “Mágoa”, accompanied by a six-voice choir and a string sextet, brings a new and unprecedented arrangement. The moment that follows fulfils the biggest dreams of those who have followed Fernando Daniel since he became the winner of The Voice. The return to 2016 and the artist’s blind test on The Voice is made with “When We Were Young”, an Adele cover that is one of the most watched blind tests in the world, accumulating more than 119 million views on YouTube. For Altice Arena, Fernando Daniel’s voice was accompanied by a choir of six voices and drew a heartfelt ovation.

Fernando Daniel < 2023.10.14. < Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The concert still has a lot to offer and follows “Início, Meio e Fim” and “Raro” sung behind the wheel of the car in the garage, recreating the atmosphere of the song’s music video. To make way for the entry of Agir, the voice that accompanies the duet “Sem Ti”. “Dona da Razão”, the happy song from “V.H.S Vol. 1” appears like a ray of light, in a fun performance complete with a mirror ball and prepares for what is the highlight of the night, the song everyone was waiting for: “Casa“. To the sound of it, the entire scene gains purpose and the rain that falls on the stage and on Fernando Daniel brings the redeeming calm that the song expresses with all its power. But the night still holds surprises and the next one is, none other than “Nada a Perder”, the song that gained new life with the participation of Carlão and whose musical chemistry between the artists echoed throughout the arena. The lineup also includes “Nada Mais” and the unmissable, “Voltas”, the single that has already reached triple platinum and that everyone knows how to sing with which he left the stage and then returned for the encore.

Fernando Daniel < 2023.10.14. < Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

For the final stretch of a concert full of emotions, “Melodia da Saudade” was saved, the anthem that touches everyone, here accompanied by the string sextet, in which we saw Fernando Daniel cry, moved by the meaning of the song and the achievement that lay ahead of him. on the most special night of his career so far. To finish, Fernando Daniel chose the song with which it all started: “Espera”, his debut single and also one of his biggest hits, of the many that the artist has accumulated, accompanied by the string sextet and the choir that amplified the entire song. and which gave a completely sold-out room an apotheotic ending, with confetti flooding the entire arena and bringing the entire team and guests of the night to the stage.

Fernando Daniel < 2023.10.14. < Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The Altice Arena was the scene of all the emotions on this special night when it was transformed into a home for everyone to welcome. On November 11th, in front of a Super Bock Arena also already sold out, Fernando Daniel takes the stage again to show, once again, why he is the biggest name in Portuguese music.

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