Fernando Daniel releases new single

In anticipation of their third album, “V.H.S Vol. 1” was released the new single, “Casa”. Accompanied by an epic music video that can already be seen on YouTube.

I feel so far away and I just want to go back, my home is you”, sings Fernando Daniel in this “Casa”, his new single, with that intense voice that conquers everyone who hears it. This song, written by Fernando Daniel in partnership with João Direitinho and Guilherme Alface (both members of ÁTOA), tells us about Fernando Daniel’s desire to return to what will always be his “Home”: music. The music video, directed by André Tentúgal, embodies a visual concept created by Fernando Daniel and is now available.

Since he burst into national music in 2016, Fernando Daniel has shown a dedication to unique music in the Portuguese context. And this attitude is reflected in this grand new single, marked by an intense and emotional piano line, which stands out from the singer’s entire repertoire. The production of this “Casa” was in charge of Fernando Daniel with João Direitinho, Guilherme Alface and Twins.

The predecessor single of “Casa” also had the accurate production of Twins, the theme “Metade”, which has the special participation of the young artist Beatriz Rosário. Fernando Daniel could not have invited a more perfect voice to share with you this intense ballad about a relationship that came to an end and the conclusions reached by both parties.

These two songs, along with the single “Prometo”, an authentic hymn to fatherhood/motherhood, present the new album that Fernando Daniel will release tomorrow, the long-awaited “V.H.S Vol. 1″.

As the title implies, “V.H.S Vol. 1” mirrors the new image and aesthetic concept that Fernando Daniel has been presenting, with a strong retro inspiration.

“V.H.S. Vol 1” is the successor album to “Salto”, from 2018, and “Presente”, from 2020. Both reached #1 in the national sales charts and have so far accumulated more than 420 million streams on digital platforms.

Success has not stopped following Fernando Daniel, who with the recent singles “Prometo” and “Metade” accumulated more than 10 million streams on digital platforms, both of which entered directly to the top of YouTube trends. Fernando Daniel thus continues to be one of the most played national artists on Portuguese radio stations, confirming him as one of the most important and unavoidable artists of contemporary Portuguese pop music.

Before we can hear “V.H.S. Vol 1” in full, we enter the “House” of Fernando Daniel, who has everything to conquer his millions of fans all over the world once again.

The musician has repeatedly been one of the artists with the highest number of concerts per year in Portugal, already totaling around 250 concerts and several sold-out venues, including the Coliseums in Lisbon and Porto.

In 2023, Fernando Daniel makes his debut in the biggest arenas in the country, on October 14th at the Altice Arena, in Lisbon, and on November 11th at the Super Bock Arena. Tickets are already on sale.

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