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Fernando Pimenta wins again now at 5000 meters

Benfica athlete who had already won last place on the podium in K1, also got the bronze in the 5,000 meters.

After the bronze medal at K1 1000, Pimenta, who also defended the world title at 5,000 meters, cut the finish in third place with a time of 20.19.94 minutes behind Belarussian Aleh Yurenia.

Aleh Yurenia took the gold medal with time of 19.54.07, just ahead of German Max Hoff, silver medal, who spent 3.48 seconds more.

Portugal secured vacancies for Tokyo 2020 from K1 1000 through Fernando Pimenta and K4 500 by Emanuel Silva, João Ribeiro, Messias Baptista and David Varela.

Teresa Portela must also have won a sixth place, according to the rules of attribution, in the K1 200, a result that should be approved during next week.

The world championships brought together a record of 102 countries and about 1,300 canoeists.

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