Fernando Santos breaks down in praise of the Portuguese people

The manager was present in the presentation that made the new book of the politician Luís Marques Mendes.

Portuguese football coach Fernando Santos praised the Portuguese people during a presentation that made the new book of politician Luís Marques Mendes “Affirming Portugal in the World”.

“We are a small people, but great in culture, science, sports and other important areas of our collective life. We do not have to be ashamed to assert ourselves, as is often the case. The fundamental role of RTP Internacional, at a time when there was no internet and social networks, in the congregation of the world of Lusophony and in the link with our diaspora, “said Fernando Santos during the presentation of the book before an audience of political and economic Portuguese figures.

The Portuguese manager considered that “only the Portuguese living abroad are aware of the importance that RTP International had”, giving his own example when in 2001 he arrived in Greece without understanding a word of Greek.

He did not feel any special difficulties in his work in football, because there, according to Fernando Santos, the language is easier, but later, when he returned home, where RTP Internacional was absolutely essential.

A year before Euro2016, which Portugal conquered on French soil, Santos was in Marcoussis, the Portuguese national team’s headquarters, and was informed by hotel managers that there were few Portuguese in that village, which he found strange.

“On June 11, when we won the European Championship, we learned that 80 percent of the population of the village was Portuguese, with flags scattered on almost all the balconies of the houses,” said Fernando Santos.

Marques Mendes justified the choice of Fernando Santos for the presentation of his book because of his admiration for being “an authentic, genuine and humble personality and the greatest reference of Portugal’s affirmation in the world” after the conquest of Euro2016 in France, which provided a “joy uncontained throughout the Portuguese-speaking world and affirmed Portugal, the Portuguese soul and pride if it is Portuguese.”

The book by Marques Mendes, whose preface was signed by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and afterword by former presidents Aníbal Cavaco Silva and Jorge Sampaio, recalls a project he led 25 years ago, when there was no internet or private television in Portugal, with the launch of the RTP International channel, which the author himself considers to have been “a daring and a great investment”.

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