Fernão de Magalhães on a wall in the Portuguese Quarter of Malacca

Centro Artístico de Famalicão and Lusodescendentes will immerse Fernão de Magalhães in a wall painting in the Portuguese Quarter in Malacca, an initiative aimed at creating a tourist reference pole and boosting local entrepreneurship, teaching participants to produce handcrafted pieces based on the image of the artistic mural.

Under the guidance of the famalicense artistic centre A CASA AO LADO, the Portuguese descendants and the local population residing in the Portuguese Quarter in Malacca (Malaysia) will, this weekend (7 to 9 February), pay homage to the navigator Fernão de Magalhães, through a wall painting based on Portuguese tiles to be made on a wall 10 meters long by 3 meters high, located in the centre of the Portuguese Quarter in Malacca.

Designated “Um TRAÇO por Magalhães”, the project developed by the artistic centre A CASA AO LADO, in partnership with Associação Coração de Malaca, Instituto Camões and the International Lusophone Movement (MIL), appears within the scope of the celebrations of the fifth centenary of the First Around the World, with the mission of leaving a “mark” of Portuguese identity in different Portuguese communities around the world.

In addition to helping to requalify the municipal and local heritage, the artistic intervention to be carried out in the Portuguese Quarter in Malacca aims to create a tourist reference pole that integrates the itineraries of urban art in the neighbourhood itself,” explains Joana Brito, artistic director of ‘THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR.

With this project we also intend to help boost local entrepreneurship, teaching participants to produce handcrafted pieces using simple techniques of graphic reproduction, thus taking advantage of the image created on the artistic mural, so that they can later sell the pieces to tourists“, he reinforces Joana Brito.

The same official considers that “the fact that this urban art project involves the active participation of the local community provides not only access to artistic experimentation for young people with vulnerable socio-economic conditions but also the integration of young people at risk of social exclusion and development civic awareness, promoting citizenship and participation in the community ”.

Also within the scope of the project ‘UM TRAÇO por Magalhães‘, it should be noted that A CASA AO LADO has already carried out similar interventions (wall paintings) in Portugal in the last months, involving local communities in Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira and Ponte da Barca.

It is recalled that, in May of last year, A CASA AO LADO involved around 150 emigrants and Portuguese descendants living in the New York neighbourhood of Soho in the creation of a stained glass based on the patterns of Portuguese tiles, in a project integrated in the event ‘Portugal in Soho ‘, organized by the Arte Institute, which marked the start of the internationalization process of A CASA AO LADO.

Aimed at seeking involvement in projects that, based on a basic artistic education/training, ensure the artistic intervention in communities, consecrating its brand and striving for authenticity, the artistic centre A CASA AO LADO was founded in 2005, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, for the line of the plastic artists Joana Brito and Ricardo Miranda, integrating since 2018 the UNESCO Clubs network in the field of intervention and artistic creation.

For 2020, CASA AO LADO has already ensured artistic interventions to be carried out together with the Portuguese communities residing in Cape Verde, in the city of Praia, and in Brazil, in Brasilia, under a partnership with the International Lusophone Movement (MIL ), an international cultural and civic movement that aims to promote Lusophone culture in the world.

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