Bragança History Festival 2022 portrays the Peace of 1371

A Festa da História de Bragança está de volta, com o magnífico cenário das muralhas, da cidadela e da torre de menagem do imponente Castelo de Bragança. A edição deste ano decorre de 12 a 15 de agosto e retrata a invasão e cerco de Bragança pelas tropas castelhanas e a retoma da sua posse após a assinatura do Tratado de Alcoutim, em 1371, resultando na muito ansiada paz.

The Bragança History Festival is back, with the magnificent scenery of the walls, the citadel, and the keep of the imposing Bragança Castle. This year’s edition runs from the 12th to the 15th of August and depicts the invasion and siege of Bragança by Castilian troops and the resumption of possession after the signing of the Treaty of Alcoutim in 1371, resulting in the much-awaited peace.

With free admission and activities designed for all ages, Bragança Castle, one of the best preserved in Portugal, hosts a variety of activities for four days: music, theater, folk dances, stories for children and adults, puppetry, circus arts, medieval fencing, weaving workshops, falconry demonstrations and, of course, the fool and the official procession, in which different characters will mark the visitor’s experience.

Each edition of the Festa da História offers those who visit it unique and unforgettable moments, based on historical moments in the region or inspired by its extraordinary symbolic heritage, namely in oral tradition. Thus, between the 13th and 14th of August, the Peace Treaty that returned Bragança to D. Fernando’s hands will be portrayed. A reconquest was consummated after D. Fernando invaded Galicia and took the Castilian Throne from Henrique de Trastâmara, claiming to be his legitimate heir. D. Henrique then decides to invade the North of Portugal, taking Braga, passing through Guimarães, and finally conquering Bragança, which would only return to D. Fernando’s hands upon the signing of the Treaty of Alcoutim in 1371 – when the edition this year’s Feast of History marks.

The History Festival takes place from the 12th to the 15th of August. More information here.

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