Festa do «Avante!» – The Festival that recalls the values ​​of April

The 43rd edition of Festa do «Avante!» returns to Quinta da Atalaia, in Seixal with music on ten stages, cinema, sports, theater, half a hundred debates and much more.

The “Avante!” Festival maintains over three decades its unique and dynamic identity that was back in Atalaia, projecting the values ​​of April, that it is alive, concrete and dialectical expression.

The cultural program was diverse and had many attractions: from the central shows to the Cidade da Juventude (City of Youth) and the Palco Novos Valores (New Values ​​Stage) with dozens of youth bands; from Raizes Stage to street animation; from the Espaço Internacional (International City) to CineAvante and AvanTeatro.


There was also a space dedicated to Sports, Discs and Books.

Children could have fun in the Children and Baby zones with various teaching activities, there are also exhibitions and a spot for science.

To see all of this, we could take a ride and ride the Festival’s Train that ran all over the room.

In the year that marks the 45th anniversary of the April Revolution, in the Central Space of the Festival were highlighted the values ​​of the Portuguese Revolution, whose timeliness and projection remain alive.

That is why the exhibition that was exhibited at the “noble Hall of the Festival” precisely summoned the values ​​of April in the future of Portugal.

The «Avante!» Festival had embraced a less ‘disposable’ environment and took steps to eliminate disposable fossil plastic in the enclosure and encouraged the reuse of utensils made from plant and biodegradable materials they use.

On the first day, Friday the 6th, the doors of the party opened at 7 pm with various activities and concerts for the public.

In the area of ​​sports, the Saraus de Ginastica and the Sport Dance Gala stood out.

Through the various stages around the room we could see shows with names such as Cantadores Alentejanos, Sogranora, Zebra Sépia, The Quartet Woah, Marciano E Os Humanos Unidos and Black Koi

The highlight of the evening goes to the main stage, 25 de Abril Stage, with the Orquestra Sinfonica de Lisboa‘s concert with the theme of Romanticism to Modernism conducted by Maestro Vasco Pearce de Azevedo and with soloists Antonio Rosado and Trio Adamastor.

Through the Auditorio 1º de Maio the audience was captivated by the performances of Bonga, Jon Luz and Liliana Almeida, Kimi Djabate and Ronaldo Semedo.

Magano, Marenostrum and Marafona were names we could hear on the Raizes Stage.

For theater lovers, the AvanTeatro offered the pieces “À Espera de Beckett ou Quaquaquaqua“, “Insomnio“, “Ermelinda do Rio” and “Cosmos“.

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