Festa do «Avante!» – The second day of the festival highlights the concerts of Clã, The Last Internationale and Moonspell

The 43rd edition of Festa do «Avante!» returns to Quinta da Atalaia, in Seixal with music on ten stages, cinema, sports, theater, half a hundred debates and much more.

The “Avante!” Festival maintains over three decades its unique and dynamic identity that was back in Atalaia, projecting the values ​​of April, that it is alive, concrete and dialectical expression.

The cultural program was diverse and had many attractions: from the central shows to the Cidade da Juventude (City of Youth) and the Palco Novos Valores (New Values ​​Stage) with dozens of youth bands; from Raizes Stage to street animation; from the Espaço Internacional (International City) to CineAvante and AvanTeatro.

There was also a space dedicated to Sports, Discs and Books.

Children could have fun in the Children and Baby zones with various teaching activities, there are also exhibitions and a spot for science.

To see all of this, we could take a ride and ride the Festival’s Train that ran all over the room.

In the year that marks the 45th anniversary of the April Revolution, in the Central Space of the Festival were highlighted the values ​​of the Portuguese Revolution, whose timeliness and projection remain alive.

The «Avante!» Festival had embraced a less ‘disposable’ environment and took steps to eliminate disposable fossil plastic in the enclosure and encouraged the reuse of utensils made from plant and biodegradable materials they use.

The second day of the festival opened at 10 am with activities ranging from debates, workshops, sports tournaments and music.

Avante! Is a festival not only for the grown-ups, but also for the kids who also had a program for them!

At 11am the program began for the little ones with face painting, theme games, peddy papers and a lot of music, distributed throughout the party grounds.

In the sports area, the highlights were the senior futsal tournament, the adapted sport, the martial arts gala and the ballet demonstration.

There were also many debates scattered all over the stage that discussed important issues such as ecological balance, nature and environmental protection, valuing workers and raising wages, family rights and the right to public education.

In the afternoon the music was already heard by Atalaia, at the Raizes Stage as well as the Alentejo Stage, the stages were filled with choral and dance groups, folk groups and ranches that filled the streets with traditional Portuguese music.

Solidarity, New Values, AGIT, Lisbon and Setubal could also hear names like Jhon Douglas & The Jungleboys, Carapaus Afrobeat, A’corda, Xtinto, Não Simão, Ana Semedo, Elisabete and Johnny’s Band.

For theater lovers, the program offered the viewing of plays and films such as “A Respeito da Violência“, Fujian Provincial Artists Group of China, “A Noite da Dona Luciana“, “Auto da Indía” and a concert of Remna at AvanTeatro.

In the May 1st Auditorium we can listen to the concerts of Segue-me á Capela, Eduardo Cardinho Quarteto, “LiftOff” Quarteto, Omiri, Mafalda Veiga with Ana Bacalhau and Kumpania Algazarra.

On the main stage, Palco 25 de Abril, performed the Anarchicks, Papillon, ThE SPiLL, Blind Zero, Quinta do Bill,a concert of Canções da Roda with Jorge Godinho, Vitorino, Ana Bacalhau and Jorge Benvinda with Academia Musical de Almada, Cais Sodré Funk Connection, Moonspell with Paulo Bragança, The Last Internationale and Clã.

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