Festas das Vindimas loaded with various activities for the whole family

The fourth day of the Festas das Vindimas in Palmela was a very busy day for all Palmelenses and guests.

Saturday, September 31st, it was a long day for Palmela that began its Festa das Vindimas, (Grape Harvest Festival), at 9:30 am with horse rides.

The day continued with Tarde do Garrafão, (Afternoon of Garrafão), with food and drinks to the sound of live music with various local communities and groups from 12:00.

There was, starting at 3 pm, a Drone Racing Turner, Palmela Swimming Pool Diving Baptism and also a Chess Tournament.

At 4:00 pm, a race of the IV Ramp of the Vindimas by bike began where the participants took part in the “counter clock” to debate who climbed the ramp faster.

Throughout the afternoon there were various activities such as the XIV Vindimas Guidance Trophy tournament, an equestrian show, street music and a drone tournament.

The musical band and choral group of the Palmelense Loureiros Filarmonic Society took to the stage of the Cine-Teatro S. João and provided an afternoon of popular and filarmonic music.

The task of opening the Adega Wine Lounge Stage on Saturday was for The Peakles group at 10 pm.

At 11 pm, it was Barbara Bandeira‘s turn to go to the Main Stage for another unforgettable concert.

The Main Stage did not end there, at 1h00, the music group Puro Rock & Guests won the audience with their rock versions of songs that we all know by heart and sing.

Also at 1:00 am, to close the Adega Wine Lounge Stage, DJ Pedro Monique gave a show for everyone to dance and end the night well.

The Palmela Grape Harvest Festival will not end until Tuesday, September 3, and by then you can still hear Expensive Soul & The Jaguar Band, Carlão, Supa Squad and more.

Come and join us!

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