Festfado started on Friday in Ponte de Sor

Last Friday, another edition of the Festfado in Ponte de Sor began with a concert by José Geadas.

The fifth edition of the festival Festfado extends to Ribatejo, with shows in Alpiarça and Entroncamento.

The festival had as its starting point a concert by José Geadas at the Cine-Teatro in Ponte Sor, last Friday.

The Cine-Teatro in Ponte Sor is the stage of the contest, continuing on February 28, the 2nd round, which features Maria da Nazaré.

On March 27th, the event rescues the so-called “humorous fado”, which had Joaquim Cordeiro and Francisco dos Santos as its cultivators, with the performance of Emanuel Moura.

On April 24, its the Algarve’ singer Luana, winner last year of the RTP Grand Prix of Fado, and on May 29 the Marialvas, a group that brings together the fadistas Rodrigo Pereira, Manuel da Câmara and Carlos Pegado.

Anabela, who recently starred in “Severa, the musical“, will play in the final of the contest, on June 26th.

Four voices are applied for each round, one chosen to go to the final.

In Entroncamento, on April 17th, José Cid climbs to the Cineteatro stage, which last November edited the CD “Fados, Fandangos, Malhões e uma Valsinha”, and, on May 23, Emanuel Moura sings.

In Alpiarça, on April 2, the Marialvas‘ performance at Casa dos Patutos, ordered by the republican politician José Relvas (1858-1929), is scheduled to take place.

And still in this Ribatejo village, on July 19, at the Melon Festival, Diamantina Rodrigues performs.

Festfado’s resident musicians are Luís Ribeiro, on the Portuguese guitar, Pedro Pinhal, on the viola, and Fernando Maia, on the bass viola.

Festfado aims to promote fado, promoting and encouraging new fado singers, sponsored by the performance of renowned authors and interpreters.

The project is curated by the fado singer Dora Maria and tickets vary between 8 and 10 euros.

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