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A Estrada Festival runs from 8th to 12th of September

A Estrada is the place to observe traditions, reflect on transitions and induce transformations. A meta-place, between the physical reality of this line and the imaginaries around this and other roads we travel, while we are confronted with elements that link us to the understanding of the territory: village, factory, hill, sale, mill, cork oak, asphalt , ruin, sand, wind, sky and sea.

The A Estrada Festival takes place in the rhythm of the places inhabited by the daily commuting and arrives in unexpected places. A set of visits, walks and conversations to make known some fundamental places for the perception of the morphological specificity of the territory and some activities, traditions and gastronomy peculiar to the region.

4 stages/places along the road and the five days of the festival, down the slope, from the Serra to the sea. On the 8th and 9th of September in the yard of the old cork tree, located in the village of São Francisco da Serra, which we called the Palco Serra. On the 10th of September, at Lugar do Farrobo, a shop, café and local meeting point, which we called Palco Estrada. On the 11th, at Monte do Paio – National Center for Environmental Education and Nature Conservation, located in the Natural Reserve of Lagoas de Santo André and da Sancha, which we called, Palco Lagoa. And finally, on the 12th, at the Santo André Beach Lounge, on the sand, with the Atlantic ocean and the sky in the background.

The Festival promotes the expression of local artists, and brings to the land others that we have invited to take part. The program thought about the relationship between the programmed artistic proposals and each of the places of the festival, in order to enhance other readings, both of the territory and of the artistic proposals. In this territory located between Tróia and Sines, with easy accessibility from Lisbon, it is important to consider the balanced development of the entire region, including its rural space, through activities linked to nature, cultural and heritage tourism, including the A Estrada Festival wants to be propellant.

In its year 0, it traces a cultural program in the territory that crosses local artistic expressions, such as the Alentejo song of Vozes d’Além Tejo and Maria Adélia Botelho’s accordion, with other contemporary artistic expressions based on tradition, such as the Sampladélicos and O Dude.

Charlie Mancini‘s improvised music is summoned to a dialogue with nature around the Lagoa de Santo André and Gaspar Varela, a young Portuguese guitar talent, joins his master Paulo Parreira, with ancestry in São Francisco da Serra, in a unique concert to be held at Praia da Costa de Santo André.

The ‘Teatro do Mar presents the scenographic installation INSOMNIO, in the center of the village of São Francisco da Serra, and the theater group from Santo André, Gato SA, climbs the mountain to interpret the work “Os Malteses” by Manuel da Fonseca, born writer in Santiago do Cacém.

The program also proposes a visit to Lagar do Parral, with a century of existence and today in full operation, shows and installations in the yard of an old cork tree and in the sales yard, café, and local meeting point as well as concerts, and not only, next to Lagoa de Santo André and the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see.

Year after year, memory, tradition and innovation will intersect at the Festival A Estrada, in interaction with the places of the festival, with local inhabitants and with visitors. By covering the entire territory, from the mountain range to the sea, along the road that connects the two poles, the festival aims to define an idea of ​​a broader cultural territory, based on its condition of a coastal strip, read as a true ecosystem human and landscape linking the Serra de São Francisco to the Atlantic Ocean.

Promoting collective awareness of the endogenous values ​​of a culture, and at the same time giving a collective sense to its exposure to the world as a strategy for its defense and preservation, is a form of awareness and effective education for the values ​​and characteristics that differentiate it, by interacting with the emotional and behavioral intelligence of those who perceive it from the outside. It is more difficult for us to misrepresent and destroy what we understand and love.

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