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Alcácer do Jazz festival starts in August

The event, which will take place between 06 and 15 August, in the city of Alcácer do Sal and the tourist village of the gate, is produced by the Sons Association of Lusofonia (ASL).

The Jazz Alcácer event was thought to build informal forums for debate, taste and experiences, creating a feeling of belonging to an increasingly enlarged and inclusive community. In this way, the central programming of concerts and meetings has 50% of women in the elements.

Throughout nine days, the public can watch the shows of Mário Laginha, Carlos Martins, Marta Hugon, Beatriz Nunes, Maria João, Salvador Sobral and the Trio Barradas-Tuscan-Pereira, and participate in moments against the community and debate.

These meetings will lean on topics such as “Mediterranean Music and Culture”, the “Jazz Mathematics” and the “Jazz in the Philharmónicians” which brings young, both sexes, band music to the world of improvisation.

The concerts tear on August 6, at 9pm, with the performance of Mário Laginha Trio, on the Rio Sado Stage, in Alcácer do Sal, who receives the next day, and at the same time, the show “Sempre” by Carlos Martins Quinteto, who brings together various compositions of authors connoted with the spirit of April 25.

The singer Marta Hugon closes the first cycle of concerts from the Jazz Festival, on August 8, from 19:00, on the stage of the behavior.

The spectacles return to the Rio Sado stage, between August 12 and 14, with Beatriz Nunes Quinteto, the singer Maria João, which presents its musical project Ogre Electric, and Salvador Sobral, with the album “BPM”.

For the last day, August 15, the performance of Barradas-Tuscan-Pereira Trio and the spectacle “jazz in the Philharmónicas” is marked, which will count on elements of the local philharmónicians “Calceteira” and “Pazoa” and José Soares Trio.

All events integrated in Jazz Alcácer programming are free of access by stocking locations without pre-booking prior.

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