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Festival Artes à Vila starts Friday at Batalha Monastery

In this fourth edition, the program was practically all focused on music and Capelas Imperfeitas.

The groups Moçoilas, Remexido, oVo Mau, the duo Labaq and Yosune and the fado singer Telmo Pires will perform there on Friday, and Não Simão, Benjamim, JP Simões and Dulce Pontes on Saturday.

In addition to the concerts, the guided visits to the gargoyles of the Monastery of Batalha and the exhibition “Almada Negreiros and the Monastery of Batalha – Fifteen primitive paintings in an imagined altarpiece” are also sold out.

Filipe Sambado, with a show announced for Saturday, canceled the performance because he was in quarantine, announced the organization.

The festival’s commitment has been to extend a vision of Portuguese music, with a journey from the traditional roots to more contemporary artists, in symbiosis with heritage.

Artes à Vila was one of the few festivals that resisted in 2020, happening live and broadcast in high quality television format.

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