Festival Art&Tur wants to highlight the center of Portugal

The Center of Portugal as a reference for filmmakers from around the world is the ambition of Art & Tur – International Tourism Film Festival, which this year takes place in Leiria, between October 23 and 27.

The new program of this 11th edition is the Art & Tur Factory project, which will lead a group of international filmmakers to shoot in Historical Villages of Portugal and Shale Villages. From there will be born a set of short films, lasting up to three minutes, that will be shown in a special session in Leiria.

According to Francisco Dias, director general of Art & Tur, the festival intends to contribute to the affirmation of the Center region as “a reference film ‘friendly worldwide”, an ambition that arises concerted with the Tourism Center of Portugal and the recently- created Center of Portugal Film Commission.

“The Center of the Portugal Film Commission and the Tourism Center of Portugal decided to adopt an event already consolidated, using it as an effective instrument to leverage the immense potential of development of the Center region through sustainable tourism and international cinema”, explains Francisco Dias .

Alongside Art & Tur Factory, the festival will host hundreds of tourism films from around the world. The competitive sections are divided by ‘Tourfilm’, dedicated to publicity campaigns, promotional films, travel bloggers’ videos and animated films, and ‘Doc’, dedicated to short films, documents and television programs.

After the first editions were distributed by Barcelos, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, the festival is held for the first time in Leiria.

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