Festival “Correntes de Um Só Rio” started with a tribute to Amália

The ‘Correntes de Um Só Rio’ festival – Encounter of Song, Fado, Music and Guitars of Coimbra has nine shows and an exhibition that seeks to promote and put into dialogue the various “currents” of Fado and Song of Coimbra, in a schedule to be held at Convento São Francisco.

Organized by the Coimbra Chamber, this year’s edition has the symbolism of opening with a tribute “from Coimbra to Amália”, in order to show that Coimbra does not have its back to Portuguese music and Amália Rodrigues.

Entitled “Pitou – 100 Anos Amália”, the show brings together musicians Bernardo Moreira (double bass), Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar), João Neves (voice), Luís Figueiredo (piano) and Ricardo J. Dias (accordion), accompanied by dancers, whose choreography will be in charge of Leonor Barata.

The show seeks to honor the 100 years of Amália Rodrigues, but also the 50 years of the album “Com Que Voz”, published in 1970, which had the collaboration of the composer Alain Oulman (‘Pitou‘), who accompanied part of fadista’s career.

The following day, the project “Corações ao Alto” is presented at the Old Church of Convento São Francisco, a set of vocal pieces built by Margarida Mestre from listening to religious celebrations and accompanied by the sound of the Coimbra guitar.

On October 30, Bárbara Tinoco, guitarist Diogo Mendes and Tiago Nogueira (dos Quatro e Meia) present “Coimbra is a woman?”.

At Praça das Bandeiras, the festival will promote on October 1st a dialogue between the musical heritage of Coimbra and Cape Verde, with a serenade that joins the Associação Fado Hilário and the Cape Verdean musician Tito Paris.

The event also features a meeting between classical guitar and Portuguese guitar in a concert by guitarists Hugo Gamboias and Diogo Passos, a show around Artur Paredes, a concert by António Dinis and a show that brings together theater and music, entitled “Assim devera ser”, in which you will hear sing Amália, in the voices of three singers from the corners of the people’s voice: Catarina Moura, Celina Piedade and Sara Vidal.

In addition to the shows, the festival also promotes an exhibition, which runs until October 11, entitled “Guitarra Outro”, which is partly composed by the estate of the physician and ethnologist Louzã Henriques.

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