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Beja Comics Festival starts Friday with almost 80 artists

The festival returns this year, but will include fewer exhibitions and take place later than usual.

Due to covid-19, the exhibitions will only be shown in a single space, the Casa da Cultura, which has always been the main nucleus of the event and is where the Bedeteca de Beja operates.

Until the 19th of this month, works designed by renowned authors and new talents in the ninth art will be able to be seen in 13 exhibitions, including nine individual and four collective, indicated the author of the comic book.

The solo exhibitions are ‘signed’ by the Portuguese António Jorge Gonçalves, Bárbara Lopes, Luís Louro and Jorge Magalhães and by the foreigners Bartolomé Segui (Spain), Carlo Ambrosini and Lele Vianello (Italy) and Nicolas Barral and Vicent Vanoli (France).

“Umbra”, an exhibition with works by 16 artists from Portugal, Brazil, and Canada, and “Ditirambos”, which brings together works by 10 Portuguese authors who are starting their journey with great quality, are the other collective exhibitions of the festival.

In addition to the exhibitions, the festival, which opens at 9 pm on Friday, will include, in the exterior arcades of the Casa da Cultura, the Mercado do Livro, with 70 publishers represented and several stores selling originals, silkscreens and publications, and the “Tasquinha da BD”, with food and drink.

The festival will also have a program with various initiatives, such as releases and presentations of books, magazines and fanzines, autograph sessions, conversations, and designed concerts.

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