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Queer Lisboa Film Festival unveils first 40 films in competition

The list of films announced today, in a statement, includes the 22 short films that compete for the Best Short Film Award, the 10 short films for the Best European School Short Film Award and the eight films that compete in the Queer Art Section.

In the competition for the Short Film Award, a third of the works are by filmmakers who return to the Festival, all of them with radical works that reaffirm their styles.

In the In My Shorts competition, in which the Best European School Short Film is awarded, there is a strong French presence this year, with two films by La Fresnoy and others on topics as important as those of HIV/AIDS, ‘cruising’ and drug addiction.

The Queer Art section features three Brazilian or Brazilian co-produced films – ‘Cinco Casas’, by Bruno Gularte Barreto, ‘Desaprender a dormir’, by Gustavo Vinagre, and ‘Vaga Carne’, by Ricardo Alves Jr. and Grace Passô – between the eight in competition.

It had previously been announced that Queer Lisboa will be split between Cinema São Jorge and Cinemateca Portuguesa, will feature the presence and cinema of North American director Gus Van Sant and will have a traveling project in other locations.

Queer Porto is scheduled for October, between the 12th and 16th, and will take place at Teatro Rivoli, Rectory of the University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Maus Hábitos and the flying suitcase.

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