Butelo and Casulas Festival & Caretos Carnival reached around 230 thousand people

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In 2021, due to the pandemic situation, the Municipality of Bragança bet on the “reinvention” of the Butelo Festival and Casulas & Carnaval dos Caretos, which took place digitally, through the Dott/Ctt platform, which allowed the marketing and disposal of products of the Municipality of Bragança, and the social networks of the Municipality of Bragança.

From February 1 to 16, publications reached more than 228 thousand people, who watched the various content related to the event published online, such as a promotional spot, documentaries with artisans, culinary showcooking and the opening of the exhibition “Mask: the being and the doing”, By artisan Isidro Rodrigues.

The two “Dialogues with Art” sessions, which took place live via the Facebook of the Municipality of Bragança and which included the participation of António Tiza, Isidro Rodrigues and André Gago, moderated by Roberto Afonso and Acácio Pradinhos, respectively, arrived to more than 25 thousand people, generating about four thousand interactions, on the days when the two initiatives took place.

The #desafiodobutelo (in which the participants had to guess the weight of the butelo) also reached 63,452 people, causing 2,023 reactions (comments, shares and “likes”) of the internet users.

Festival do Butelo e das Casulas online generated, in 15 days, more than 11,500 euros in sales

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