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‘Festival do Butelo e das Casulas’ and ‘Carnaval dos Caretos 2021’ take place online

A creative and innovative event, which will take place at the home of all Portuguese, at any time, from anywhere and at the distance of a simple click.

This is how the Butelo and Casulas Festival and Caretos Carnival 2021 will be, which, intending to counter the obstacles and difficulties created by COVID-19, reinvented itself and, irreverently, will happen, throughout the country, from 1 to 16 February.

It is through a set of initiatives, online, that the Municipality of Bragança promotes the Butelo and Casulas Festival and the Caretos Carnival in 2021, with the primary objective of supporting (within the possibilities that the current pandemic situation allows) producers and to continue to dynamize Brigantine culture and traditions.

The Butelo and Casulas Festival will therefore be held online, through the Dott/Ctt platform, which will count on the participation of 17 producers from the Municipality of Bragança, who will be selling products such as smoked meat (butelo, salpicões and chouriças) ), chasuble, olive oil, drinks (wine and liqueurs), honey and regional crafts. An investment, in the order of 14 thousand euros, which will be supported by the Municipality of Bragança.

Also from home, connoisseurs of good gastronomy can learn to make some dishes based on local products, with emphasis on butelo and chasuble, chestnut and honey, with chefs who will “get their hands dirty” and reveal some of your secrets in the kitchen.

The Carnival of Caretos 2021, on the other hand, will reach all Portuguese, also digitally, through initiatives, such as pedagogical workshops, aimed mainly at the school community, the exhibition of a mask artisan and “Dialogues with Art”.

Thus, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February, the little ones (and the whole school community) can learn, online and under the guidance of artisans, to build canned masks and face suits from the territory of Bragança.

On the 13th of February, the inauguration will be “Mask: the being and the doing”, of the artisan Isidro Rodrigues, at the Iberian Museum of Mask and Costume, followed by “Dialogues with Art”, with António Tiza and Isidro Rodrigues. Initiatives transmitted through the Facebook of the Municipality of Bragança.

On the last day, on February 16, the actor André Gago will speak about “The Role of the Mask in the Theater”, in Dialogues with Art, also through the Facebook of the Municipality of Bragança.

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