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Festival Emergente – Day 16


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Last Friday and Saturday, 15th and 16th October, the third edition of the Emerging Festival took place, after the 2020 edition, which took place in just one day, with eight bands, in 2021 the festival returns to its original model of two days, with a lineup full of emerging bands and authors, who showed their work to the public that went to the Capitol.

The Emergente Festival seeks to support the new generation of Portuguese musicians, and this is an opportunity that should not be missed, as in Portugal there are not many for those just starting out, especially on such an iconic stage and with excellent technical conditions.

Those who were unable to travel to the Capitólio had the opportunity to see it on Ticketline’s Live Stage, with the revenue from this broadcast reverting entirely to União Audiovisual.

October 16th

Fruit of the 21st century, Solar Corona was born in 2013 from this creative bubbling of a city – Barcelos – that has shown the country how to write rock with crooked lines. How it should be.

After editing three EPs between 2013 and 2016, Solar Corona reached “Lightning One” in 2019, the first feature, the result of years of work in search of the sound that would triumph in this line-up. There were those who called it the rebirth of the Solar Corona, they preferred to call it “the sweat of conquest of their own sound” influenced by many sweats from others who preceded them.

In this “come-back” to the capital, after an unexpected “Lisbon-Call” for the end of the festival’s 3rd-anniversary party, Solar Corona will open the window for the successor album to “Lightning One” and “Saint-Jean-de-Luz”, to prove once again that if there is ever-emerging sound it’s theirs, this band in all premonitory, which even foresaw simultaneously the name of the virus that shook the world and its most effective antidote: a tremendous musical discharge of Solar Corona!

On October 16, for later remembering, roll up their sleeves and bring the “certificate of presence” to be autographed by José Roberto Gomes (bass), Peter Carvalho (drums) Rodrigo Carvalho (guitar/synths) and Nuno Loureiro (sampling/ dub/synthesizers), marking the day when rock Solar beat Coronavirus. We can’t wait for the third dose!

Humana Taranja, from Barreiro, are Guilherme Firmino’s artistic project. In general, Humana Taranja brings in their suitcase the tranquillity of songs that float over less agitated waters. But they also flood the stage with messy rhythms, revealing an electrical discharge of songs that have taken their dose of hyperactivity. They serve melodies with honey and pepper and carry with them a busy evening from which you will not be able to escape. Guilherme Firmino is the main vocalist and is in charge of the rhythm guitar, Marta Winter gives life to the bass and integrates the choir, David Yala Rodrigues is responsible for the lead guitar, Filipa da Silva Pina ventures on the keyboard and as secondary voice, and Afonso Ferreira sets the tempo on the drums while assisting the choir. At Festival Emergente Humana Taranja will have the opportunity to present some of the themes from their next album “ZAFIRA”, to be released next year.

LOS CHAPOS (Open Call – jury’s choice)
Los Chapos is a four-piece band from Leiria that explores the sounds of the past, starting with the psychedelics of the ’60s to the ethereal noise of the ’90s. Gonçalo Salgado (vocals and guitar) starts making regular visits to Vasco Cepêda (guitar) to talk and compose music. A little later they are in an apartment with João Baleizão (drums) rehearsing. The neighbours are not amused, unlike Hugo Dionísio (Bass) who completes the prophecy of forming a band. The band performs at the Emergente festival to give their third concert in one of the most respected venues in the country.

CAIO (guest)
With a new album on the horizon, CAIO docks at the Emerging Festival full of new stories and many news. Stories of catharsis and overcoming in chapters that bleed a raw vision of what love is, the good it brings us and the evil it does us and the various stops on the way to a safe haven where looking back, no longer hurt.

With two singles released in 2020, in “Madrugada” we feel the air thick and tinged with twilight, in “Tomorrow” we feel the uncertainty and rapture by the small pleasures that alienate us from the problems without ever straying from the confrontation with reality of who we are and, above all, what we feel to be. “Travessia”, the new album to be edited in 2022, will be Caio full of failures and mistakes, of honesty and humility, which teaches us more and more about what it is to be human and sensory.

April Marmara is the name with which Beatriz Diniz signs songs that carry elegance in her voice and a dreamlike tone, telling of imagined epics and lived romances, and excels in showing a natural – and therefore very honest – a gift in the composition. The songs from “New Home”, the debut LP, are built by the mystery behind the voice that meets the lyrics and the universe it evokes, joining sometimes to the most delicate strumming, sometimes to the furious riff, of more acoustic or more electric mode. April Marmara is thus able to deliver a secure and revealing identity: she communicates an unusual melodic essence, avoiding commonplaces or predictable paths and still creating enough link to establish a certain familiarity.

BILOBA (Open Call – jury’s choice)
Biloba is a musical project created at the end of 2019 in Lisbon. The quintet crosses the landscapes of Indie Rock, with a repertoire sung in Portuguese and French. Two guitarists (Simão Bárcia and Diogo Lourenço), a drummer (Miguel Fernández), a singer and keyboard player (Nazaré da Silva), and singer/bassist Francisco Nogueira form the group. Having all academic bases in Jazz, they allow themselves to be individualized in the Indie genre, deconstructing possible clichés.

Bia Maria > Festival Emergente @ Capitólio 2021.10.16 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

BIA MARIA (guest)
Beatriz Pereira is the voice and mind of this project. Born and raised in Oureenses, she began her musical studies at an early age at the local school. During her degree in Musical Training and Choir Direction at ESML, she decided it was time for the world to hear her voice and the thousand and one ideas that race per second in her head.

“Mal Wants Me, I Want You” (2019) – This is the name of the collection of songs, which crosses the story of Mary and Joseph through the words of Mary, which speak above all about love. It starts with “Broccoli with Cheese”, which marks the beginning of the story and drives melancholy, but also the happiness that would come to be part of it. The work is a metaphor for the real world, for the dislikes, the relationships that happen and those that don’t happen.

In “Tradition” (2020) – Bia Maria decides to return to her roots, and to those of the people, so as not to let them fall into oblivion. The EP, produced in collaboration with MPAGDP, features popular songs interpreted by the artist, who gives them her personal stamp, involving them in freshness while remaining faithful to the songs. Recorded on a hot week in August, in the town of Caxarias, this work results – “(..) in a very small record, because we don’t hold anything, we only have the mission to share it eternally with those who allow themselves to be silent, to hear it. ” – words of the artist.

“Amarílis” (2021) – It is a single that was born from a collaboration with Francisco Sales, producer of the single and renowned guitarist of the British band Incógnito. The collaboration culminates in a trip to Plantasia Studios in Viseu. It’s almost like a picture of a garden that eternalizes love, draws a story that celebrates our grandparents’ lives, their wisdom and keeps our childhood memories alive.

The project has already gone through stages such as “NOS Alive”, “Festival Para Gente Setada” or Festival Termómetro, having also participated in projects such as “A Música Portuguesa a Gostor dela Própria” or “Porta253”. The theme “Difficulty” was part of the New Talents FNAC 2019 collection.

Bia Maria is now coming to Emergente to present her latest EP – Tradição – in a special format for a unique concert.

Falso Nove > Festival Emergente @ Capitólio 2021.10.16 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

FALSO NOVE (Open Call)
Falso Nove, a Lisbon band, arises from the desire of Mateus Carvalho (vocals and saxophone), Afonso Lima (vocals and guitar), Francisco Leite (keyboards and piano) and Francisco Marcelino (drums) to develop a project where they could write songs in Portuguese. At the same time, they seek to explore and merge their various influences into a coherent body of indie rock with a strong lyrical dimension. More recently, José Amoreira (bass) joins the band, composing the current line-up. His first single, “Canção da Antemanhã”, was released in March 2021, having been followed by the recent “Sharks”. Despite having already stepped on stages such as Fábrica Braço de Prata or EA Live, their participation in Festival Emergente represents a big step in the band’s journey, which will present themes from their debut project (to be edited).

Madalena Palmeirim > Festival Emergente @ Capitólio 2021.10.16 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Almost Nicolau is a young band from Lisbon, made up of six friends, united by the desire to compose and sing songs in Portuguese and harmony. After a year and a half in the studio and some concerts, his first EP, Alvorada, came out on January 21, 2021. Recorded and mixed by the legendary Moz Carrapa (António Variações, Rui Veloso, ZARCO), it is made up of five songs with live and varied choral and instrumental arrangements, in which there is room for guitars and keyboards of all shapes, kalimbas, strings, woodwinds…

The Nicolaus have an average age of 21,333 years and are: Francisco Carrapa (choirs and electric guitar), Francisco Melo (choirs, electric bass and kalimba), Gonçalo Mota (choirs, guitars), Joana Domingues (voice, keyboards, percussion), José Maria Lobo (vocals, viola amarantina, guitars) and Nuno do Lago (choirs, drums).

Madela Palmeirim > Festival Emergente @ Capitólio 2021.10.16 ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews

Madalena Palmeirim is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and makes songs to sing on the piano, ukulele, cavaco or auto-harp. She performed with “They ’re heading West” and Joana Barra Vaz. She recorded with “Minta & The Brook Trout”, among others. In 2014 she made the project “week in week out” publishing a song every Monday of the year on her Youtube channel. She edited “Mondays” (EP 2015) and “Right as Rain” (Album-2019). She produced the project “No Jardim Com” – a series of four videos for Youtube. She founded the trio “Queens of AutoEngano” (2020) and edited 4 singles “Eu Jurei” (Novos Talentos Fnac 2021), “Quarantina”, “Gota” and “No Falta Nada”. She works in sound design for theatre and cinema. She participated in the soundtrack of “A Metamorfose dos Pássaros” (2020) by Catarina Vasconcelos. To Festival Emergente, Madalena Palmeirim brings the songs of her first solo album “Right as Rain” and lifts the veil to the new album “Morna Mansa”, scheduled for release in 2022.

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