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Festival F, an unforgettable first day


Portuguese music was the queen of Festival F, and the quality of the artists was evident at this festival, Artists such as Calema, D.A.M.A, Slow J, Mimicat, and Maro, dazzled on stage, with lots of music and musical genres for all tastes.

With the rain falling in the Algarve, the public could have decided to stay at home, but no, a huge flood of festival-goers, eager to participate in this festival, crammed the narrow streets of Faro’s historic area, with stages in every corner, With established and emerging artists, the biggest difficulty for the public was choosing between so much quality and quantity.

Beatriz Caixinha opened the festival on the Arco stage, while the Musicians stage had two excellent concerts with the Arom Jazz Quartet featuring Ana Cherry and The Elephant Woman, also on the Museum stage the night was brilliant, Terrasul, Iolanda and Picas, gave life to a Beautiful cloister with its music, artists to take into account, as we are sure they will continue to surprise.

The Magistério stage, featured Perigo Público x Sickonce, the troubadour Eu.clides, and the brilliant Club Makumba, the space was really small to receive Eu.clides, who had a flood to see him, perhaps in the next edition he deserves a more open stage, the Castelo stage hosted Pimenta Caseira and the Quintalão stage hosted the madness of Criatura, once again the space was too small for everyone who wanted to see them, sing and dance with them, S. Pedro, kept the pace and quickly won over everyone who was there to see them and attracted many who, as they passed by, was curious to meet them, the stage closed with Mizzy Miles early in the morning.

The stars of the first day were present on the two main stages, the Sé stage and the Ria stage, Mimicat, Maro, and Supa Squad on the first and Slow J, D.A.M.A., Calema, and Buruntuma, some of the best interpreters of music in Portuguese, if Mimicat conquers any audience wherever he goes with his friendliness and increasingly fills the audience wherever he goes, Maro is more intimate, unfortunately, he started with a full venue, he lost audience during the performance, his songs are fantastic, but not for a festival and especially at the time when it was, in our opinion of course, the Supa Squad, once again filled the Sé stage, however the organization once again made the same mistake as last years, a too narrow technical zone, not only for the technicians, professionals communication and even for the public, who were too close to the fire, smoke, and streamers, which is not noticeable because the space is huge.

On the Ria stage, it was a great day, Slow J, D.A.M.A., Calema, and Buruntuma, promised and delivered, fantastic concerts, which entertained Festival F until dawn, an excellent night, which we are sure will be repeated today.

The negative note is the price of the recyclable cups that are mandatory to buy, and the rechargeable bracelet, which is the only way to make payments within the festival, which also has to be paid, at a time when many families are counting their pennies, would be common sense, limit or avoid charging more for these items or refund the money at the end because if you cannot enter with drinks or food, which already have a more inflated price in the venue, it seems to be a way of charging twice for the same service.

What you can see on the second day

September 8
07:30 pm • Arc < PEACOCKS
08:00 pm • Musicians < Nebuchadnezzar
08:15 pm • Museum < Pedro do Vale
09:00 pm • Sé < Jafumega
09:45 pm • Ria < Mariza
09:45 pm • Museum < Valter Lobo
10:00 pm • Teaching < Nannook the Tramp
10:30 pm • Quintalão < Bianca Barros
11:00 pm • Sé < Bezegol
11:00 pm • Musicians < Zé Manuel Martins & Tunko Goulart
11:30 pm • Museum < Tó Trips
11:45 pm • Teaching < Xtinto
11:45 pm • Ria < Hybrid Theory
00:00 am • Castle < Da Chick
00:15 am • Quintalão < Diana Castro
01h00 am • Sé < David Bruno
01h00 am • Musicians < Celeste Mariposa
01h30 am • Ria < Bishop
01:45 am • Teaching You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown
02:15 am • Quintalão Sippinpurp

This festival is not just about music – and like yesterday, this Friday we can count on a vast parallel program, from crafts, and a floating bar in the Ria Formosa, to two gatherings in the Cloisters of the Cathedral. Rui Miguel Abreu will moderate a conversation between Tó Trips and Da Chick about music at 7:15 pm and, later, at 8:30 pm, Miguel Ribeiro (journalist and musician) will moderate the news gathering with journalists Mafalda Anjos and Rita Marrafa de Carvalho.

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