Festival Illustration à Vista mounts four-story scaffolding in Ílhavo

A four-story scaffolding will be erected in the square of the House of Culture of Ílhavo to build the show ‘La Tortue de Gauguin’ by the French company Lucamoros, within the framework of the festival Illustration à Vista.

From Thursday to Sunday, the Municipality of Ílhavo shows the illustration in “distinct and even improbable” artistic expressions, through the festival organized by the cultural project 23 Miles.

The scaffold of ‘La Tortue de Gauguin’ is one of the ‘facades’ of the third edition of Illustration à Vista, which condenses around the illustration a set of exhibitions, workshops, theatre and street theatre, dance, various performances, music and concerts.

There are dancing countries, poetic scaffolds and spectacles built by the public itself. It’s not just a question of seeing, it’s a matter of coming together,” he says. “It’s all about illustration as a representation of landscapes that can be abstract or figurative.” a text of the organization, alluding to the festival, whose activities, most of which are free, are divided between Ílhavo and Gafanha da Nazaré.

This year’s edition is marked by “three national premieres, two absolute premieres and two unique concerts aimed at merging illustration with music.

One of the national premieres is Rafael Alvarez’s new show, “Na Onda de Distancia,” which has already passed through Japan, where he joins the dancer Yuta Ishikawa.

Júlio Resende presents his show “Cinderella Cyborg“, in a concert where he has the contribution of “Image and movement”, by Nuno Barbosa, director of two of his ‘video clips’.

The Black Ear celebrates ten years in a spectacle in which the experience is exponentiated by the image, and Gustavo Ciríaco premieres his new work, “Between Dogs and Wolf”.

From Italy comes the theatre company Stalker, which takes to Ílhavo the shows ‘Steli’ and ‘Prospero’, the latter being a new creation in debut.

“Illustration à Vista fulfils the objective of creating public space, promoting improbable experiences in common places and encouraging the community to think about its role in the territory,” said the organizers.

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