Festival Jardins do Marquês, palco Nortada com programação completa

Junho / julho de 2023 Jardins do Marquês, em Oeiras


The Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley is back in the gardens of the Marquês. in Oeiras for the 3rd edition, with yet another series of unmissable summer nights, maintaining the successful formula with proposals full of charm and sophistication, catering to an adult and demanding audience.

In addition to the proposals on the main stage, whose program is already complete, since 2022 the Festival has also offered a second stage, the Palco Nortada, with two concerts per night interspersed with the concerts on the main stage, thus giving the public the possibility to watch four concerts on each Festival date.

The program for this stage is also now complete, standing out for the quality and diversity of the proposals: Jorge Fernando, Soraia Tavares (June 27th), Ciganos D’Ouro, Acácia Maior (June 28th), Viva o Samba Lisboa, Nuno Lanhoso (June 29), Jovem Dionísio, Roberta Sá (June 30), A Cor do Som, Diana Castro (July 1), Olavo Bilac presents “Celebrar JoséCid”, Picas (July 2), Tiago Nacarato and Milhanas (July 5th) are the names that will perform on the Nortada Stage at Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley.

Music and beer seem to go hand in hand constantly, and the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley is an excellent opportunity to offer a different experience. For Nortada, being the naming sponsor of a stage, for the second consecutive year, takes the brand to a different level, presenting itself to a more available public, offering a different and premium beer experience, and contacting with differentiated products, such as craft beer. As a brand with a strong beer culture component, Nortada will provide a different contact with the beer, through the Nortada Beer Garden, and promote perfect gifts, on 7 summer nights, at the Jardins do Marquês in Oeiras.

June 27th


Over more than forty years of musical career, as a singer, musician, composer, lyricist, and producer, Jorge Fernando’s story is already intertwined with the history of fado itself. Disciple of Fernando Maurício, road companion of Amália Rodrigues, the musician has already signed countless classics for his own voice and for the voice of many other artists. “Boa Noite Solidão”, “Trigueirinha”, “Búzios”, “Quem Vem ao Fado”, “Chuva”, “Rosas Brancas para o Meu Amor” or “Guitarra” are some of the most outstanding themes of a career full of successes. In addition to his career as a performer and composer, Jorge Fernando has also stood out over the years for his work as a producer for artists such as Mariza, Ana Moura, or Fábia Rebordão. In addition to this work with others, Jorge Fernando has already left a unique mark of his voice on the history of fado and Portuguese music. With thirteen discographic works published in his own name, he continues to challenge himself and wants to do more and better. “De Mim Para Mim”, an album released in 2018, is a beautiful example of this. The musician will take these most recent themes and also the classics to the Nortada Stage of the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley, on the 27th of June.


Soraia Tavares has the charisma of big star and a voice that allows her to dream big. With Cape Verdean origins, the singer promises to leave Carnaxide to conquer the world. Music has always been part of her life, as well as the desire to express herself artistically, from the days when she sang in the church to her first adventures in musical theatre. Along the way, she never neglected training, an awareness that made her study theater and cinema, adding new knowledge and experiences to her artistic training. Her beach has always been soul music, choosing artists like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, HMB, Etta James and Rui Veloso as her biggest influences. After participating in the program The Voice on RTP, it became even more evident that Soraia Tavares is a talent that will leave a mark in Portuguese music. Songs such as “The Five Things I Never Said” promise to win over the audience on the Nortada Stage, on June 27th.

June 28th


The Golden Gypsies, or Ciganos D’Ouro, emerged in 1994 on the initiative of the brothers José Pato and Sérgio Silva. 1996 was the year of the debut album “La Casa” after the successes of “Gitanita vem” and “Oh mi amor”. At that time they started working as regular collaborators with the amazing flamenco guitarist Francisco Montoya. Over the 24 years of its career, the group has presented its work at international music festivals in several countries, such as Belgium, France, Spain, Holland, China, Czech Republic, Macau or Finland. The DNA of the band is definitely Flamenco and Cante Hondo. The result of this merger has so far originated eight albums of originals and even a “Best Of” compilation. The group is currently working on their 9th studio album. Ciganos D’Ouro cross their flamenco matrix with elements from different origins and musical languages, such as fado, tango, rumba, bolero, morna, jazz and music from the Balkans, which results in an explosive and in an original and appealing sound. The band formed by José Pato (vocals and guitar), Sérgio Silva (vocals and guitar) and Francisco Montoya (guitar soloist) continues to conquer the national and international stages. And that’s what will happen at the next Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras valley, on June 28th, at Palco Nortada.


Acácia Maior is a collective of musicians created by Henrique Silva and Luis Firmino, the roots and trunk of this tree that is now beginning to blossom in the Cape Verdean musical horizon. Acacia, a predominant tree in the Cape Verde Islands, has roots firmly planted in traditional soil, but also branches and leaves reaching out to the universe. This image translates the freedom of compositions that express themselves in the most varied musical styles. From Reggae to Zouk, from Morna to Mazurca, from Hip-Hop to Funaná, Acácia Maior is a project that appears as a testament to freedom and creativity in these sometimes darker times. Thus, creation, fusion, and tradition are the motto for this borderless journey of a collective that, in each work, brings together artists from different areas throughout the process, from writing to mastering. After several singles, the group released their debut album, “CIMBRON CELESTE”, in March 2023, proposing a journey through all the artistic richness of Cape Verde. Acácia Maior is this independent project that promises to win the hearts of the audience present at Palco Nortada, on June 28th.

June 29th


The musical project Viva O Samba was founded in 2015 by Brazilian musicians, Cícero and Humberto Matheus, with the purpose of promoting a bit of Brazilian musical culture in Portuguese lands and gathering family, friends, and audience around an authentic samba circle where all we look at each other, dance and sing together. In addition to the usual regulars, hundreds of tourists of the most varied nationalities are attracted every Sunday by the democratic and contagious joy of samba. It is estimated that, in the last 5 years, more than 50 thousand people have participated in the most famous samba circle in the capital. In addition to organizing its own concerts, the group helps move the city’s cultural scene through the creation and coordination of projects such as the carnival block, Lisbloco, and the Festival Viva o Samba Lisboa. These events help materialize the main objective of the group, which is to promote an atmosphere of cultural inclusion and preservation of the samba culture. In 2023 Viva O Samba is preparing to release its first independent album. “NA LABUTA” will feature several guest appearances and many new features. And this samba, which is so popular in Portugal, will be shown again at another Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley, on the 29th of June, at Palco Nortada.


Nuno Lanhoso, a 30-year-old singer-songwriter from Porto, soon discovered his fascination for music and writing on an old piano at his grandparents’ house. Later, aged 14, he turned his attention to the guitar and has never stopped since. Passionate about both instruments, he seeks to see beauty and poetry in the simplicity of everyday life and transcribe it into songs, trying to make each word have a purpose and each phrase an intention. Inspired by several national and international artists, from Abrunhosa and Bettencourt to John Mayer, he goes in search of the perfect melody and phrase, hoping deep down that he will never find it. He moved to Barcelona at the age of 18 to study medicine and it was in that city that he started playing live, struggling to overcome the shyness that had always dominated him. After finishing the course he was placed in the Algarve to do the common year, always reconciling with the life of a musician in bars and hotels. Six months later, aged 28, he took a break from the hospital and has been making a living out of music ever since, taking the craft of writing and songwriting ever more seriously. In 2022 he edited his debut album: “Mitos e Nicolaus”. And now he hopes to show this repertoire to all those who pass by Palco Nortada, on June 29th.

June 30th


Versatility, irreverence, uniqueness and one hit after another – this is how the Jovem Dionísio project has conquered Brazil with a modern language and a sound that wanders between pop, electronica and rap. They define themselves as a kind of “boteco boy band”. The group was born and raised in Curitiba, with music that hits the soul of a loyal and growing audience. This can be noticed in the huge queues for the dressing room with fans tattooed with the car seat, the group’s trademark, or even with striking verses of the songs. Even isolated, the group was the company of many people during the pandemic and saw the numbers grow absurdly during this very complicated period. The 20 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone have already become more than 6 million after the release of the first album: “Acorda, Pedrinho”. The title track already exceeds 25 million plays on this platform and the video already has over 16 million views on YouTube. The track won Tik Tok, was a trending topic on Twitter and reached the top of the most viral list in the world and the most played in Brazil. As can be seen, the numbers achieved on digital platforms are impressive, but save the best for the stage, with impactful and truly unforgettable performances. These guys once again bring to Portugal all the success of “Acorda, Pedrinho”. Jovem Doinísio will perform on June 30th, at Palco Nortada.


17 years ago Roberta Sá impacted the Brazilian music scene with the release of “Braseiro” (2005), her first album, whose reception was marked by praise from specialized critics. Since then, the singer has developed a solid trajectory through works with a strong presence of Brazilian rhythms and composers. From regional to pop, passing through sambas and forrós, Roberta revealed artists, paid homage to classics, and set out on long kilometers of road with her own signature. In a nation known as the “country of female singers”, Roberta has become an undeniable reference among Brazilian singers. Albums such as “Que Belo Estranho Dia Pra Se Ter Alegria”, “When Canto is Reza”, “Segunda Pele”, and “Delírio”, among others, mark the best of Brazilian music in the last twenty years. After several nominations for awards, such as the Grammy, and has won the affection of the public and the admiration of the critics, Roberta Sá never stopped taking risks and surprises. Buarque, Gilberto Gil, João Bosco, Joyce Moreno, Zeca Pagodinho, Alcione, Martinho da Vila, among many others. Samba has always been part of Roberta Sá’s trajectory. And an important chapter of this story was written with “Sambasá”, a project cooked in 2021 and which would eventually result in an album in 2022, with special appearances by Zeca Pagodinho and Péricles. And in 2023, after her maternity leave, Roberta Sá returns to the stage with the release of “Sambasá – Ao Vivo”. And there will also be no shortage of samba in the concert prepared for June 30th, at Palco Nortada.

July 1st


A Cor do Som is a band formed by Dadi Carvalho (bassist and composer), Armandinho Macêdo (guitarist, mandolinist, and composer), Mú Carvalho (pianist, composer, and music producer), Ary Dias (percussionist and composer) and also Gustavo Schroeter ( drummer). And this lineup remains intact, after 14 discs and a DVD edited, and a series of other milestones over more than four decades of career. Both in recorded music and in its live performances, A Cor do Som features special appearances by artists such as Caetano Veloso, Daniela Mercury, Moraes Moreira, Gilberto Gil, Camisa Nova, 14 Bis, Lulu Santos, Natiruts, Djavan, Paulinho Moska, Samuel Rosa, Flávio Venturini, among many others. Cor do Som won a Latin Grammy in 2021 in the category of best rock album or alternative music in Portuguese with the album “Album Rosa”. Songs such as “Menino Deus”, “Abri a Porta”, “Palco”, “Zanzibar”, “Beleza Pura” and “Semente do Amor” promise to win over the Portuguese public at the concert scheduled for July 1st at Palco Nortada.


Diana Castro is taking her first steps as a singer-songwriter, but her career in music has already started some time ago. She was an honorable second place on The Voice and after that, she composed and released an EP, “A Espera” (2021). She was the interpreter chosen by Joana Espadinha to sing her “Ginger Ale” at the Festival RTP da Canção 2022 and was later invited by Maro to go to Eurovision to join the artist who represented Portugal that year. She edited, however, three singles, a continuation of three songs from her EP, and also released “Alguém Tem De Sair”, a single from her first album, “princípio, meio e principio”. Diana Castro’s debut album features the collaboration of Luísa Sobral and was released in January 2023, with the introductory single “Se Queres Voer”. In this album, Diana reflects on “being a woman, being a mother, being an artist, being a cycle in constant transformation.” One of the most promising names in Portuguese music will be performing at Palco Nortada, on the 1st of July.

July 2nd

OLAVO BILAC presents “Celebrate José Cid”

“Celebrar José Cid” is a project that Olavo Bilac thought, created and worked to honor a musician still alive. That musician is the unavoidable José Cid. Olavo Bilac, one of the most emblematic voices of the Portuguese music scene, designed this his work around these unavoidable songs that everyone knows and sings, here with a new sound borrowed from the sensitivity of Olavo Bilac. audience, ready to celebrate all of José Cid’s repertoire. This celebration takes place on the Nortada Stage on July 2nd.


It is with a guitar that Picas best expresses himself, with sweet melodies and song-poems. It was in his room, aged just fifteen, that he sketched his first songs and learned his first chords. Passionate about the universe of writing and the arts, she graduated in Communication Sciences with a specialization in Cinema and, still during her degree, studied Jazz at the Hot Clube de Portugal, where she deepened her relationship with music. In 2020, she participated in The Voice Portugal where she made herself known as a performer. Now Picas presents herself as a composer and lyricist in her mother tongue, with her first two singles: “Orquídeas” and “Volta Para Mim” (in partnership with AGIR). Picas, a name to follow with all the attention, promises to conquer the public present at the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley. The young composer and singer will perform on July 2nd at Palco Nortada.

July, 5th


Tiago Nacarato is one of the most complete and coherent singer-songwriters in Portuguese music today, who is predicted to have a long and solid career. He has already toured Europe, Brazil, and nationally, thus establishing himself as one of the most relevant contemporary Portuguese artists. After causing a stir in the Portuguese music scene with the release of his first album of originals “Lugar Comum” (2019), Tiago Nacarato released his second album of originals in 2022: “Peito Aberto”. This record is unapologetically inspired by references from Latin and African cultures, with a touch of world music. The album promises to consolidate Tiago Nacarato’s status as one of the greatest talents the country has to offer, in an album full of emotion, dancing rhythms, and songs that leave no one indifferent. This album earned the singer-songwriter the Andrea Parodi Award for Albo D’Oro (Golden Album) in 2022. With poetry focused on the artist’s daily life and on what he observes of the world’s economic and political situation, “Peito Aberto” is a space for a time full of surprises. And this space will be for all those who pass through Palco Nortada on July 5th.


Milhanas, born in 2001, began studying music at a very young age. She studied violin, and vocal technique, was part of a jazz and modern music combo, participated in the gospel choir, and continued to major in music history, composition, and even musical theater. Inspired by her father’s life, Milhanas elects Fausto as her greatest musical influence, since her father produced and performed with Fausto. In high school, she studied Humanities and that’s where her passion for literature sparked. She released her first original song, “Lamentos”, in 2021. In this sad song, born at Dawn, Milhanas complains about her lament and cries the urge to feel at peace, revealing a fado soul. The artist confesses that, although she is not a fado singer, it is from fado that she draws inspiration and reminds herself of the importance of words, silence, and interpretation. In 2023 she edited her second single: “Mais que ao Sol”. The lyrics express a love of submission and without freedom, in the words of Milhanas. This song anticipates the artist’s debut album and will certainly be one of the themes heard by the public on July 5th, at Palco Nortada.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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