Festival of the Iberian Mask in Lisbon

On May 16 and 19, the International Mask Festival presented 42 masquerade groups in the Garden of Praça do Império, in Lisbon, with the participation of around 700 participants.

The organization refers, which receives, Hungary, with the group Busós, and Macao, with the Lions of Macao for the first in a statement.

The organization informs that the International Festival of the Iberian Mask is one of the biggest events involving the ancestral tradition of mask rituals that in the 4 days will have a lot of animation, between “caretos”, “foliões” and “mascarados” and a space for children’s animation and invited groups.

You can also participate in workshops, see traditional exhibitions and dances, participate in debates, attend music shows, and showcase regional products, handicraft workshops and lots of street entertainment.

This year’s edition of the International Festival of Mask Ibérica will debut the groups Folclor Colombia of Colombia, Association Fieles Jesús Caído del Paso and María Santísima de la Amargura de Málaga – Spain and Gaites Villaviciosa Band – El Gaitero and Mazcaraos de Rozaes, Villaviciosa in Asturias-Spain.

You can also watch on the 18th, at 16:30 to the Iberian Mask parade, with “caretos” and “foliões” from Portugal and Spain, from Sardinia – Italy.

The concerts start on the 17th, with the group Recanto and the Spanish Skama the Network. Days 18 and 19, you can see the Portuguese Galandum Galundaina and The Dude and the Ciranda on Sunday.

Also at the International Festival of the Iberian Mask is an exhibition of performing arts from China, with the Chinese opera and the exorcista nuoxi theatre, by the Oriente Foundation.

The Iberian Mask International Festival has the organization of Progestur with EGEAC and the support of the Inatel Foundation.

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