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Festival Política reveals programming for edition in Braga

2nd to 4th May, Braga Youth Center

The Politics Festival returns in 2024 with “Intervention” as the central theme of the program. In Braga, the Politics Festival occupies the Youth Center from the 2nd to the 4th of May.

The Politics program is now fully revealed for its edition in Braga, combining 24 free activities over three days, including cinema, performances, music, humour, exhibitions and conversations. In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, the program invites artists, creators, academics and activists to develop proposals and reflections focused on the need to encourage citizen participation in electoral acts and involvement with institutions and their communities.

festival política braga1
Festival Política < Braga

Among the main highlights of the program for the Braga Youth Center are the premiere of Tiago Pereira’s documentary “Onde Está o Zeca?” (4 May, 6 pm) and the new show by Hugo van der Ding (4 May, 9:30 pm). In “What Matters is Participating” Hugo van der Ding covers, in a humorous way, the special appearances in the History of Portugal that prove the importance of participation. “Onde está Zeca”, which is the result of a co-production between Festival Política and A Música Portuguesa a Gostor Dela Própria, presents an unprecedented reflection on Zeca Afonso’s heritage in the current musical panorama.

festival política braga2
Festival Política < Braga

The musical program includes concerts by Lucas Pina and Fado Bicha. Lucas Pina, who will perform on Rua do Castelo (May 3, at 6 pm), is a São Tomé singer who became known to the general public after participating in Got Talent Portugal, with Rapazes do Milongo in a duo with Moreno. On March 8, he released “Mamã”, an ode to the mother’s actions and gestures towards her children. The show “Fado Bicha Kills Fado, with love” (May 3, at 9:30 pm), at the Youth Center, is an intimate concert, with voice and electric guitar, in which the duo Lila Fadista and João Caçador revisit old fados and traditional and tell us about the history of fado and stories within fado, evoking Hermínia Silva, Pedro Homem de Mello or António Ferro.

festival política braga3
Festival Política < Braga

Politics has several performances over the 3 days of programming. Thanks to the partnership with RESISTANCE! – Youth Festival of Modern European History, performances from various countries will be presented: from Italy, comes “Lost” (May 2, 5:30 pm) which reflects on the History of Portugal, “Last Minute News” (May 2, 9:30 pm) It consists of a show in which the public is invited to debate the fundamental rights promised by democracy that are yet to be fulfilled; from the Netherlands, “Resistance Redux” (May 3, 5pm) presents a visual, musical and physical interpretation of the Moluccan experience in the Netherlands; from Slovenia, “You are what you eat” (May 3, 6:30 pm) presents a true compendium of rebellions: from the most banal to the most critical in the context of the former Yugoslavia; from the Czech Republic, the historical events surrounding the Prague Spring in 1968 are the starting point for “When Spring is Over” (May 4, 3 p.m.); From France comes “Revolution is a sexually transmitted infection” (May 4, 4:30 pm) in which five young women discuss the education and inheritance they received from previous generations in terms of sexuality and the transition to adulthood. THE RESISTANCE! – Youth Festival of Modern European History is a European performing arts project that takes place in Portugal, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the Netherlands. In Portugal, RESISTANCE! Its associated partner is Teatro Circo de Braga EM SA and is being developed in the context of preparing the Portuguese Capital of Culture.

festival política braga4
Festival Política < Braga

The cinema section is made up of a selection of 6 productions, including short and feature films, fiction, animation and documentaries. Highlights include the European Parliament session, with the screening of “The Teachers’ Room” by Ilker Çatak (2 May, at 7 pm), which recently received the LUX Audience Award. The film session Over 18 includes the documentary “Maghreb’s Hope”, by Bassem Ben Brahim (May 4, 11:15 pm), which consists of a portrait of the experiences of queer people from the Maghreb.

festival política braga5
Festival Política < Braga

The program includes conversations, workshops and other activities: the Beers&Politics debate concept will debut in Braga, with the theme “Do we need greater political and civic participation?”, with António Fernando Tavares, director of the Department of Political Science at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho (May 2, 6 pm). Throughout May 4th (Saturday) there will be 3 workshops: two under the responsibility of the Pandemonium Platform: “Find your voice” and “Vozes do mundo: um chant de protest”; and another organized by designer and yoga teacher Rosa Soares, “What does community mean?”. Several presentations are scheduled (“Reconhecimento o Padrão”, “Faz-te Ouvir” and the exhibition “História LGBT+ em Portugal”), as well as a guided tour evocative of the advent of the democratic regime in the city of Braga.

In this Braga edition of the Politics Festival, it will be possible to visit 3 exhibitions: “LGBT+ History in Portugal”, a student initiative at the University of Minho that promotes coexistence and awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community, consisting of a historical overview of the LGBT+ community in Portugal; “After all, how many people abstain in Portugal?” it is an analysis of official abstention figures; and “Affective polarization: causes and implications for the democratic system” is based on scientific papers on the phenomenon;

The rest of the program is now available for consultation and can be accessed via the website

The Braga Politics Festival is a concept of Associação Isonomia, which has the support of the Braga City Council, InvestBraga, Braga Youth Center, the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, the National Elections Commission and the European Parliament – Office in Portugal.

In 2024, after Lisbon (April) and Braga (May), the Politics Festival will also have editions in Loulé (October) and Coimbra (November).

The Politics Festival presents itself as the largest event dedicated to human rights and citizenship, with free entry, taking place in Portugal. Last year, the Politics Festival totalled 14 days of activities in Lisbon, Braga, Coimbra and Loulé. The program was made up of 82 initiatives, which had more than five thousand participants.


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