Festival Porto/Post/Doc starts in November

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In this axis of programming will be displayed, for example, Marc Bauder, exhibited this year in Berlin, with the participation of intellectuals and researchers on science and the future, the award-winning ‘of Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, and ‘Nuestra Voice of Tierra, Memory and Future’, 1981 film of Colombian Anthropologist Marta Rodrígolog and Husband, photographer Jorge Silva.

A couple of cinema, there will be three debates on Earth (moderate by Raquel Ribeiro), the community (moderate by Abel Coentrão) and freedom (moderate by Ricardo Alexandre).

The opening of the eighth edition of Porto/Post/Doc, on November 20, will happen in the way of tribute to Portuguese cinema, with the display of a restored copy of ‘Maria do Mar’, a dumb film of 1930 Leitão de Barros.

The session will feature live music by the Symphonietta Orchestra of Lisbon, with Musical Direction of Vasco Pearce de Azevedo, from an original score written by Bernardo Sassetti for this film.

The eighth edition of Porto/Post/Doc is scheduled for 20 to 30 November, in the rooms of the Porto Municipal Theater, Cinema Passos Manuel and Colosseum, in the Common House of Rectory of Porto University and Planetario do Porto Center Science Viva.

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