Rock in Rio Humanorama Festival with workshops, debates and reflections “for a better world”

The digital festival has four “stages”, more than 200 promoters – entrepreneurs, artists, executives, academics, partners and inspiring young people – and more than 80 hours of content, including workshops, debates and reflections that want to simplify the most complex themes of the society

Although the pandemic has postponed Rock in Rio twice in a row, the festival has not stopped creating and innovating and, in this sense, has just launched a new project that is born from the addition of the suffix “orama” (from the Greek “hórama”, which means “view; unveiling from; spectacle”, with the word “human”, translating into “spectacle of the human.” This is Rock in Rio Humanorama, a totally digital, free and inclusive conversation festival, which takes place between the 14th and 17th of September and which seeks to open space for new perspectives and visions on some of the most complex issues of society, exploring different aspects of the human being, at a time when each one needs, more than ever, to look for you, for “us” and for society as a whole.

Over four days, Rock in Rio Humanorama will be a stage for entertainment and dialogue between different voices from Brazil and Portugal, available on the event platform, 80 hours of live and recorded content, translated into sign language, with a focus on the development of human being. These inspirational conversations will be attended by well-known names in the public, from different areas of activity, who make up the “lineup” of this festival. Already confirmed are musician Gabriel o Pensador, singer Marisa Liz, nun of Portuguese descent, Monja Coen, actor and humorist Fábio Porchat, presenter Isabel Silva, Portuguese activists Carolina Salgueiro Pereira and Sara Rocha, artist Alok, journalist and composer Nelson Motta, writer Martha Medeiros

Rock in Rio Humanorama was created to inspire, provoke reflection, stimulate learning and explore the relationship with others, which makes us more human. And more…this project unites Portugal, Brazil, and the world“, explains Agatha Arêas, Vice President of Learning Experience at Rock in Rio.

In addition to the content made available during the four days of the “conversation festival”, on the event platform, the public will also be able to follow HumanoramaCast, an 11-episode podcast that promotes more unprecedented conversations between festival participants and whose premiere is scheduled for the next July 23, joining in the same conversation Agatha Arêas, Roberta Medina (Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio) and Luís Justo (CEO of Rock in Rio). Another of the contents available from today is HumanoQuizz, a personality test for all those who want to start taking part in this project, in which each participant can discover their type of “Humanoramer”. “It’s a kind of quick diagnosis of our level of humanity, but with a light and fun approach, which leaves us curious to find out what kind of human we are or are being!”, adds Agatha Arêas.

As happens when entering the City of Rock, also at Rock in Rio Humanorama the audience will be able to choose the content they want to watch, among four main “stages”. These stages are, in fact, channels accessible through the event platform – “I am”, “We”, “We are” and “Learning Experiences” – dedicated to knowledge and development of human capacities to build a better future and more human. The “Sou” channel focuses on individual sustainability and self-knowledge; the “We” channel explores interpersonal relationships, the power of the collective and collaboration; the “Somos” channel addresses the universe of social impact and the relationship with the environment, exploring themes such as active citizenship, sustainable economy, value creation, among others; and the “Learning Experiences” channel will be the epicenter of practical workshops, led by professors and specialists who will address the three themes of the other channels.

Rock in Rio Humanorama is the result of a collaboration between Rock in Rio, A-Lab, Fun and Artplan, companies of the Brazilian communication group Dreamers, and has the support of a group of important sponsors and partners, including Galp (Founding Partner of the project), Randstad (Gold Sponsor) and the sponsorsEi! Assessoria Migratória, Blip and Emel – new sponsor of this edition -, with Mega Hits, Sapo and Human Resources as the project’s media partners. With regard to content creation, the project also has the co-creation of Visorama, a creative studio with a presence in Portugal and Brazil, which creates content through direct contact with individuals and brands; Zenklub, content partner in the field of empowerment and emotional health journeys; and 4ITFuture, the company responsible for the development of the site, aggregator hub for all the project’s always on content.

Get ready for new encounters and disruptive conversations that impact each person’s mind, vision and different perspectives.

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