Santa Casa Alfama Festival ’23

In this year's edition, the biggest fado festival in the world celebrates Hermínia Silva

First names confirmed for the Santa Casa Stage:

September 29th and 30th – Alfama, Lisbon

On the next 29th and 30th of September, Alfama will be even more filled with fado for the Festival that has already won the hearts of the public. The different stages of the Santa Casa Alfama Festival are spread around the neighborhood, creating the feeling that fado can happen in any alley, alley or square… challenging the public to touch the Portuguese soul, wandering through a neighborhood full of stories fadistas. With a careful and demanding musical selection, giving space to renowned voices and also to those who guarantee the future of the genre, Santa Casa Alfama is also a Festival with memory and this year honors one of the greatest figures of Portuguese popular culture, Hermínia Silva.

Thus, these are the first confirmations for yet another Santa Casa Alfama: the enormous Camané, the Concert in homage to Hermínia Silva with the voices of Anabela, FF, Filipa Cardoso, and Lenita Gentil, and also the young Beatriz Felício & Geadas.


Camané’s first contact with fado happened somewhat by chance, when, while recovering from a childhood illness, he delved into his parents’ record collection and discovered the great names of fado: Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Maurício, Lucília do Carmo, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Alfredo Marceneiro and Carlos do Carmo… And the heritage of these great fado names stayed with you forever, forging your own artistic identity, always in dialogue with that tradition to which you would also make your contribution. From those first contacts with Fado to winning the Grande Noite do Fado event, in 1979, it was a small step. Following this participation, he recorded some works and made several public presentations. And that was the kick-off to a brilliant career, with numerous awards, performances all over the world, critical recognition, respect from peers, and, most importantly, public love. Recordings such as “Na Linha da Vida” (1998), “Esta Coisa da Alma” (2000), or “Sempre de Mim” (2008) were part of the history of his career and of Portuguese popular music itself. But Camané does not rest in the shadow of his own success, as his most recent albums prove, examples of how to consolidate a language without ever losing enthusiasm for what is new: “Infinito Presente” (2015), “Camané – Canta Marceneiro” ( 2017) or “Aqui Está-se Sessegado” (2019), in collaboration with Mário Laginha, and with which he won awards such as Best Album and Best Fado Album at the Play Awards. The last work, “Horas Vazias”, published in 2021, demonstrates that Camané continues to be one of the specialists in singing this soul thing, as proven by songs like “Que Flor Se Abre No Peito”. The fado singer brings all this feeling to the Santa Casa Stage in this year’s edition of Santa Casa Alfama, on September 29th.


After the huge success of Amália, Carlos do Carmo, and Max, Santa Casa Alfama once again pays tribute to a great name in the fado and national song: Hermínia Silva.

From Alfama, you can see the Castle of São Jorge, right next to where he was born, and, from there, the 2023 edition Celebrates and sings Hermínia. Hermínia Silva is one of the most popular figures in Portuguese culture. She is a unique figure in the tradition, where fado was reviewed in her voice, and the magazine gave itself to fado in so many themes that she made famous. A major figure in the Cinema, and Theater of the 20th century, Hermínia is one of the greatest sources of inspiration and remembrance of the best of the Portuguese tradition, first of all, Fado. Creator of themes such as “Fado da Sina”, “Tendinha” or “Rua Mais Lisboeta”, or her participation in the films “Aldeia da Camisa Branca”, “O Costa do Castelo”, or “Um Homem no Ribatejo”. Hermínia Silva is one of the most sung and loved Portuguese artists. Unique, special, original, irreverent, and with a rare sense of humor, Herminia deserves to be celebrated by all of us on the 29th and 30th of September, in Lisbon, at the Largest Fado Festival in the World!

Full name: Herminia Silva Leite Guerreiro. She was born at the Hospital de S. José, in Lisbon, in 1907, eventually becoming an iconic figure in the city where she was born. Despite still having learned the trade of a seamstress, her artistic life would eventually get the better of her and she made her debut as an amateur at Sociedade Recreativa Leais Amigos in 1925. However, the fado singer always marked the beginning of her career in 1926, when participated in the “Tournée Artística Gil Vicente”. She appears as a fado singer in venues such as Cinema Malacaio, Valente das Farturas in Parque Mayer and, a little later, also at the old Cervejaria Jansen, at the Salão Artístico de Fados, at Solar da Alegria and at Café Luso. Hermínia’s fame was also always linked to her performances in the theatre, where she combined her remarkable fado ability with talent as an actress, particularly in Teatro de Revista. And it is precisely on the theater stage that she tries out some of her greatest hits, such as “Velha Tendinha” or “Rosa Enjeitada”. Hermínia’s versatility also made her shine on film in films such as “A Aldeia daroupa Branca”. But the theatre, the magazine, and fado would always speak louder, shining in spaces such as Teatro Maria Vitória, Varieties, Apolo, Politeama, and Avenida, among others. In 1958, she opened Solar da Hermínia with her husband, an initiative that would also end up marking her path. Endowed with enormous charisma and a capacity for improvisation within reach of very few (she coined phrases such as “Eh pá‘tás à rasca” or “Anda Pacheco”), Hermínia was a complete artist, a master of joy in the fado universe. In this year’s edition of Santa Casa Alfama, the festival proposes a great tribute with voices that today are heirs to this captivating personality: Anabela, FF, Filipa Cardoso, and Lenita Gentil pay homage to Hermínia Silva in a unique and unmissable concert, on September 29th, at Santa Casa Stage.


Beatriz Felício started singing at a very early age and soon showed an interest in exploring her talent, starting to collect participation in some television programs, such as “Uma Canção Para Ti”, “Grande Prêmio do Fado” or “The Voice Portugal” on RTP, where he conquered the Portuguese with his fadista vein. Influenced by names like Amália Rodrigues, Ana Moura, and Carminho, among many others, Beatriz Felício performs today in fado houses such as “Mesa de Frades”, “O Faia”, “Parreirinha de Alfama”, “Casa de Linhares” and “ Fado Minor”. In 2022 Beatriz Felício was the big winner of the “Prémio Novos Talentos Ageas”, a partnership between the Casa da Música Foundation and the Ageas Group – this initiative supports young Portuguese musicians of all musical genres, in the areas of creation, interpretation, and performance in stage, promoting artistic projects of recognized quality. She performed at the Womex 2022 Opening Ceremony, in Lisbon, and is preparing her long-awaited debut album for this year, 2023.

José Geadas began his career in Fado in 2006, when he was the winner of the Great Night of Fado in Lisbon, interpreting an unprecedented song called “Assim Sou Feliz”. A few years later, in 2010, he competed in the program “Uma Canção Para Ti”, where he reached 2nd place. Shortly afterward, he participated in the musical “Fado História de Um Povo” by Felipe Lá Féria, and in 2012 he started the Portuguese Guitar Course at the Museu do Fado, led by Mestre António Parreira. Today he regularly plays in some of the most emblematic fado houses in Lisbon, such as “Luso”, “Adega Machado”, “Casa de Linhares”, “Boteco da Fá”, among others. Frost is synonymous with continuity. The young fado singer and composer has a strong foundation in traditional fado and his priority is to honor what defines him. Despite being very young, his journey already includes performances in renowned venues and festivals and even several international appearances. The time has come for Geadas to present the long-awaited debut album with a Fado show in its essence, traditional yes, but with its own personality. The Fado singer takes us back to stories he had, others he has loves he lived, and others that last forever… And he is now performing on Palco Santa Casa, in the 2023 edition of Santa Casa Alfama.

These two young fado figures will perform on the Santa Casa Stage on the 29th of September and promise to win over the Festival’s audience.

Santa Casa Alfama, more than 40 concerts on various stages in Alfama


September 29th

  • Santa Casa Stage (Lisbon Cruise Terminal)
  • Camané
  • Tribute to Hermínia Silva by Anabela, FF, Filipa Cardoso and Lenita Gentil
  • Beatriz Felicio & Geadas

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