Santa Casa Alfama Festival, full program on the Caixa Stage


In this year’s edition, the biggest fado festival in the world celebrates Hermínia Silva.

Full stage schedule:


Caixa Geral de Depósitos reinforces its support for culture, through its support to Santa Casa Alfama, a festival that celebrates Fado, an identity symbol of the capital and the country, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

In this edition, which will take place on the 29th and 30th of September, some of the best fado singers of our time will pass through the various stages spread around the mythical neighborhood of Alfama. And some of these places are already part of the festival’s history and mythology, as is the case of the Centro Cultural Dr. Lima Magalhães.

In this year’s edition, Caixa will have, located at Centro Cultural Dr. Magalhães Lima, Palco Caixa, which will offer diversified proposals, showing that fado is a style open to multiple sensitivities: on the 29th, the public will be able to hear Lenita Gentil and Teresinha Landeiro, and on the 30th, it is the turn of Edu Miranda, with “Fado no Chourinho”, and Pedro Moutinho take the stage.


Lenita Gentil is, without a doubt, an unavoidable name in Portuguese song and fado. She is a warrior woman who has always stood out for her unique way of singing and her strong personality. After a career full of successes, in 2019 the fado singer released “Lenita”. Lenita Gentil expresses in this album all her determination and the happy and fearless way in which she has always lived her life and her career. With themes chosen by herself and producer Jorge Fernando, Lenita presents herself without complexes, with the usual drive, and with her eyes on the future, assuming her voice, her preferences, and her choices, in a truly surprising whole. There are countless successes in her career, made up of more than 50 years filled with songs and fados that everyone knows. Today Lenita is transversal to many generations because her themes are truly timeless. The artist has always asserted herself for being a unique voice, with a repertoire of great taste and enormous determination, both on and off stage. In the concert prepared for the Santa Casa Alfama Festival, Lenita brings some of her most popular songs together with the most recent songs from the album “Lenita”. The fado singer promises an unforgettable concert at Palco Caixa, on the 29th of September.


Teresinha Landeiro wants to mark her fado in a strong way. It is at the Mesa de Frades house (Alfama, Lisbon) that he reveals himself weekly and is the starting point for building an enviable curriculum despite being very young. The Centro Cultural de Belém and the Capitólio (Lisbon), as well as the Casa da Música (Porto), have already hosted the young fado singer and composer, as well as events such as the Santa Casa Alfama Festival, other national festivals and even the internationalization of the Fado Festival in Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Seville (Spain). In 2021 she presents the new album “Agora” (SONY), which includes music written by Teresinha Landeiro herself, revealing a young, ambitious, and light fado like the fado singer’s own personality. revealing a young, ambitious, and light fado like the fado singer’s own personality. In 2022 she started a section on her own Instagram dubbed “Alguidar de Palavras”. The idea was to invite personalities to choose a word, and with that same word, Teresinha Landeiro constructed a sudden and original text in front of a traditional fado. This authenticity combined with unquestionable quality has placed Teresinha Landeiro on multiple stages across the country. And the public at Santa Casa Alfama is invited to discover this artistic personality on the 29th of September, on the Caixa Stage, installed at the Centro Cultural Dr. Lima Magalhães.


Pedro Moutinho was lulled by the sound of fado and grew up with it as if it were a genetic inheritance. There is no separation between the fado and the man who sings it. There is, rather, a familiar fluidity between one and the other. When in 2003 he received the “Revelation Prize” from Casa da Imprensa with his album “Primeiro Fado”, and three years later he saw “Encontro”, his second work, being awarded the Amália Prize in the category of best album, the fado singer proved that he had a path ahead of him that was his alone. Between his first record and the most recent “CASA” more than 17 years have passed of an intensely lived career. This unique journey has transformed Pedro Moutinho into one of the great fado singers of our time. In “CASA” the fado singer, who has never stopped feeling the pulse of traditional fado, goes deep into his ways to offer the public a much more raw record. He thus delivers the same soul and deference that he transmits every time he takes the stage of some of the most prestigious fado houses in the city of Lisbon. The fado singer, who has been exploring different sounds and modulations that fado allows, always with respect for his matrices, as in the album “Um Fado ao Contrário”, now returns, in this EP, to a safe haven. “CASA” features musicians André Dias (Portuguese guitar), Pedro Soares (viola), and Frederico Gato (bass) and also has arrangements by Filipe Raposo for the theme “Casa d’Água”, a unique partnership with lyrics by João Monge and music by Amélia Muge. This work also contains unpublished lyrics by Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Teresinha Landeiro, and also the recreation of the classic “Um Resto de Mouraria”, with lyrics by the poet Carlos Conde and music by the violist Martinho da Assunção. And these are certainly some of the moments that Pedro Moutinho will take to the Caixa Stage, at the Centro Cultural Dr. Magalhães de Lima, on September 30th.


Edu Miranda was born in São Paulo, and from an early age, he showed a great interest in music. At age 12, he started studying mandolin and attending the Choro circles, where he had the opportunity to perfect his techniques and deepen his knowledge of chorinho and Brazilian popular music. In 1992, Edu moved to Portugal, and since then developing a career as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Over the years, he participated and collaborated with Portuguese and Brazilian artists such as Rui Veloso, Carminho, Mariza, Pedro Jóia, Raquel Tavares, Marco Rodrigues, Carminho, Mário Laginha and Maria João, Cuca Roseta, among others. “Choro de Longe”, received excellent reviews and led him to perform in several concerts in Portugal and abroad. Since then, he has released other works such as Fado de Longe and Fado de Longe2, where he mixes the beautiful melodies of Fado with the hot sounds and rhythms of Brazil. “Edu Miranda Trio ao Vivo” is an explosion of rhythm, energy, and joy, where Edu Miranda (on mandolin), Tuniko Goulart (on guitar), and Giovani (drums) interpret a selection of original themes, Brazilian chorinhos and Portuguese fado classics soaked in the sound of Brazilian choro. This “Fado no Chourinho” will be presented on the 29th, at Palco Caixa.

Santa Casa Alfama, more than 40 concerts on various stages in Alfama


September 29th
Santa Casa Stage (Lisbon Cruise Terminal)
Homage to Hermínia Silva by Anabela, FF, Filipa Cardoso and Lenita Gentil
Beatriz Felicio & Geadas

Caixa Stage (Dr. Magalhães de Lima Cultural Center)
Gentle Lenita
Teresinha Landeiro

September 30th
Caixa Stage (Dr. Magalhães de Lima Cultural Center)
Edu Miranda “Fado no Chorinho”
Pedro Moutinho

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