Festival “SBSR.FM Em Sintonia” – Palco Santa Casa

"SBSR.FM Em Sintonia – Sintoniza-te na Música Nacional!" took national artists to Altice Arena, in Lisbon, on December 17th and 18th, for an unmissable festival that marked 2020.

See the galleries and get to know the artists who performed at the Santa Casa Stage at the SBSR.FM Em Sintonia

Rádio SBSR.FM Em Sintonia – Sintoniza-te na Música Nacional! emerged as a response to the impossibility of holding the Super Bock em Stock this year, in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic and respective restrictions, both in the circulation of international artists and in the capacity of concert halls.

The festival offered 3 different stages. The Santa Casa Stage (Sala Tejo), the second stage, opened with Ivandro, at 5:15 pm, followed by Paulo Bragança, at 6:35 pm, and Closer Integral 2020, at 8:45 pm. The following day, December 18, Ian performed at 5:15 pm, followed by Pedro de Tróia, at 6:45 pm, and Filipe Karlsson, at 8:40 pm.


Ivandro is 23 years old and is currently in the second year of the Music Technology Degree. Since 2013 he has been working on originals, and besides playing guitar and singing, he has also ventured to mix and master some of his themes and also by other artists.

He participated in the program “Ídolos” in 2015 and after a period of silence, he returned to launch originals, not only acoustic themes, but also to explore sounds and beats r & b.

In 2017 he started to show up on social networks and since then he has been working with artists such as Instinto 26, Waze, Gson, Valdo and Goblin. In 2019, he signed for Label Mentalidade Free (producer founded by rapper Bispo), and with him launched a song that made this union official – “Bispo ft Ivandro – Essa Saia” which already has the Triple Platinum brand.

In 2020, Ivandro launched the theme “Mais Velho” and “Não É Fácil” and even more news is expected by the end of the year.

Paulo Bragança

He started his career in 1986 and recorded his first album in 1992: “Notas sobre a Alma”. David Byrne, leader of the Talking Heads, propelled him towards an international career that would become enviable. Paulo Bragança was one of the most identifying faces of a new phase in the history of fado.

After success, he lived in absolute and austere seclusion for four years. The thinking was the exhausting daily routine of those times. And after six years without any contact with Portugal, he returned to our country with Carlos Maria Trindade, his editor and old friend, and soon started to prepare news. It wasn’t long before he edited “Cativo“, his return EP.

Paulo Bragança já foi considerado por alguns como o Variações do fado e, em 2020, continua a ser uma das vozes mais orginiais da música portuguesa.

Closer Integral 2020

In 2020, Joy Division‘s album “Closer” is celebrating 40 years and, to mark the date, a show was designed with national musicians, to be originally performed live at Super Bock Super Rock. When the SBSR was not possible, the concert for the album “Closer” was performed at Altice Arena, at the Rádio SBSR Em Sintonia Festival.

The second and last studio album of one of the most significant bands of the post-punk movement, in the eighties, was released on July 18, 1980. It was full of genius, since the beginning of its creation, wrapped in this mystery that only Ian Curtis’s insane head could unveil and understand. But it was known that a larger art object would emerge from there. Especially because in order to achieve the desired effect, the songs would all be recorded under a specially constructed stucco vault, in order to simulate the resonance of a chapel.

40 years later, to make the magic happen, on stage will be some of the best representatives of national pop-rock. They are the ones who will play “Closer” in its entirety, as it appears on the vinyl ring, they are Luís San Payo on drums, Alexandre Cortez on bass, Flak on guitar, Felipe Valentim on keyboards, and João Peste and Nancy Knox on vocals.


It is impossible to resist IAN‘s talent after we come across his music. After the edition of the first EP, and having opened the concerts of The Gift at the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto, IAN performed on international stages such as Club Sixteen Tons, in Moscow, and the Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg.

The EP “Seguir em Frente” was IAN‘s second attack. Themes like “Spring or Desire”, “Stop Stop Never” and “No Name” revealed that the violin was her biggest accomplice. Besides, it is the violin that also accompanies her professionally, every day, in the Orchestra of Casa da Música do Porto. As can be seen, in Ianina Khmelik’s (IAN) journey nothing was static, and that is precisely her constant. To think that “the rest is always to be done” and to believe that the path is always ahead.

And it is following the same spirit that she edits her first album: “Raivera“. There are nine songs under the title of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “It is difficult to find happiness within us but it is impossible to find it elsewhere”. Produced by Nuno Gonçalves, this debut record features pearls like “Again”, “Boarding Now” or “Vera”. IAN is an obligatory artist, both on disk and live.

Pedro de Troia

Pedro de Tróia is already a unique and inimitable figure in the Portuguese music scene, with his disruptive vision, an extreme ability for words, and an ever-engaging voice. In a process of reconciliation with himself, Pedro de Tróia released his solo debut album in March 2020.

After heading one of the most creative bands that Portuguese music has known in recent times, Os Capitães da Areia, the singer, and composer, now presents us with an unusual and memorable work, full of delicacy and generosity, with the pop elegance that characterizes him. serve as a guiding thread for a discovery that is also ours. Over ten songs, he offers us a lot of what he dreamed, what he lost, what he learned, and also what he fought for recently. “Depois Logo Se Vê”, with production and arrangements by Tiago Brito, is by a musician who gives himself wholly and who, in his way, manages to make one of the best Portuguese records of the year 2020.

Filipe Karlsson

The EP “Teorias do Bem Estar” marks the solo debut of Filipe Karlsson, a Portuguese-Swedish multi-instrumentalist based in São João do Estoril. The album, which was entirely composed, played and produced by himself, came out in May 2020.

This work masters and without prejudice the brightness of Swedish pop from past decades with the imposing rock n’roll of its Zanibar Aliens, in a final result composed, in equal doses, of guitar riffs and keyboard melodies that do not leave our head. “Bem Estar” and “Prejuízo” are some of the songs that make Filipe Karlsson a name to take into account in the current Portuguese music scene.


This festival was a production of Musica no Coração with the partnerships of Super Bock, Santa Casa de Lisboa, Casa Ermelinda Freitas, Tranquilidade, SIC, MOP, Filfogo and World Academy.

The Super Bock in Stock returns in 2021, on the 19th and 20th of November.

Read all about the Rádio SBSR.FM Em Sintonia – Sintoniza-te na Música Nacional! HERE

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