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Festival Sons da Terra ’19 – Our Roots

The Sons of the Earth is the biggest feast of the Portuguese.

In a time when Portugal explodes to the world with all its wealth, let us celebrate here in all that we have the best in our country in three days dedicated to who wants to know and live what it is to be Portuguese in the magic space of the Powder Factory in Oeiras with the best Portuguese root music and the most emblematic traditional songs and dances from North to South.

The Festival Sons da Terra creates an unprecedented space, capable of adding the music, songs, performing arts, crafts, costumes and gastronomy of the entire country.

The three stages between the Patio do Enxugo, the Olive Garden and the Steam Workshops will welcome Ana Moura, Fausto and the Sete Sóis Orchestra and Sete Luas as headliners, who join artists and talents from the most remote places in the country.

Secure your ticket now at http://bit.ly/SonsDaTerra2019 and come to celebrate the Portuguese roots and culture!

Headline and Schedule:

19 July

Folklore Stage
17h30 – Ethnographic Folk Ranch Dances and Songs of Mugideira

Memory Garden Stage
7.30 pm – Singers of the Neiva Valley

Olive Garden Stage
18h45 – Tuna Académica de Lisboa

Stage of the Enxugo
9:00 pm – Seven Suns Seven Moons Orchestra

20 July

Folklore Stage
16h00 – São Miguel do Milharado Folkloric Ranch
18h00 – Lage Folklore Group of Lage
8:00 p.m. – Cramol

Memory Garden Stage
16h20 – Castra Leuca Trio and Peu Madureira Music
18h45 – João Frade

Olive Garden Stage
15h00 – Zés Pitas of tapirs
5:30 PM – Daniel Pereira Cristo
7:30 p.m. – Rão Kyao

Stage of the Enxugo
9:00 p.m. – Ana Moura

21 July

Folklore Stage
16h00 – Folklore Group Rancho Cantarinhas De Barro
18h00 – Ranco Folclórico The Peasants of Dona Maria

Memory Garden Stage
4:20 pm – Adiafa 20 Years
18h45 – Almocreves da Amieira

Olive Garden Stage
15h00 – Dances And Songs Paul
17h30 – Pauliteiros de Miranda
7:30 p.m. – Ana Laíns

Stage of the Enxugo
9:00 p.m. – Vitorino

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