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Festival Sons de Vez cancels 20th edition

The festival, promoted by the Câmara de Arcos de Valdevez, should have started on February 5th, in the auditorium of Casa das Artes, with a show by the fado singer Carminho that should have ended the 19th edition, in 2020, which was interrupted by first time in 18 years due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In January, the organization had initially canceled the February schedule, but this week announced the total cancellation of the schedule also scheduled for March.

In addition to the opening on February 5th with the concert by the fado singer Carminho, the festival poster included for the closing, on March 26th, a show by Luísa Sobral.

In February, on the 12th, Galandum Galundaina’s concert was canceled, on the 19th, for the Clan and, on the 26th, for the PAUS.

On March 5th, the performances of Mão Morta, on the 12th, of the Plástica, were scheduled, followed by the Nó Cego and the Tarantula, on the 19th.

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