SoundVille Festival in Viana and Barcelos returns on the 27th

SoundVille will assume an essentially virtual format with the transmission of concerts via streaming, with Noiserv, JP Simões and HHY & The Macumbas already confirmed.

On the 27th, SoundVille’s program foresees the presentation of “Onde ser é bem”, sound and video work by Frederico Dinis.

The night includes concerts by Lisa Wanloo and HYY & The Macumbas. On Saturday, the 28th, Ghost Hunt and JP Simões also perform, and the following day, José Valente and Noiserv close the festival.

SoundVille has several organic spaces in harmony with the Neiva River and biodiversity.

There is free drinking water, dishes are reusable, lighting is energy efficient, bathrooms are ecological and all waste is separated, recycled and recovered.

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