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Festival Tradidanças’ 2019

Tradidança is a festival of Traditions, Dance, Music, and Nature that unites the specific heritage of the territory of the Serra da Arada and the municipality of S. Pedro do Sul, with the richness of diversity brought from other places.
Music and dances linked to traditions are transmitted through workshops promoted by professionals, and the audience becomes one of the great protagonists of the event, as they learn in the dance workshops (which take place in the afternoon) and then dance at the dances (by night in). Concerts on the Palco Serra, along with the dances, bring the traditions of European and world traditions, as well as Portuguese root music, which fill the nights and characterize the festival.
To relax (or to shake it up even more), the personal development or relaxation workshops take place at dusk and challenge each participant to allow themselves to be led into other states of consciousness.
Children’s programming takes place in a place whose name “opens doors” to other ages: the playful-intergenerational space – ELI, space for expressions, short story sessions and other arts to be presented and deconstructed by all. In this football field (which is the festival grounds) spontaneous animation can emerge at any time through streets, musical performances and street theaters, and in their dressing rooms, the conversation revolves around the themes of society and economy. place that require more prominence.
And because the name of the festival indicates it, traditions enter the venue and are entitled to a living laboratory of interpretation by the holders of the knowledge to which the most curious participants join.
In addition to taverns and restaurants featuring local produce and vegetarian food, the enclosure offers an artisan fair with produce from all over.
For the freshness of the morning the program suggests trips of tradition and nature through places of interest of the territory, which are led by guides of cultural or natural heritage.
Also outside the grounds, the church provides a night concert and a religious ceremony. And these days, the pretty oak tree, or perhaps a threshing floor, has become classrooms of traditional musical instruments.
In Tradidança, artists, participants and the local community share and intersect knowledge, in a synergy that considers the active participation of all those involved in it. We invite you to join this trip!

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