Festival with bands of companies already dates to 20:20

This year’s Brands Like Bands Festival is not over yet but it already has a balance on its seventh edition and dates for the next one at 20:20.

On these three dates of the only Festival of Company Bands in the World, with one more held at Nova SBE, around 3000 people attended and with two hundred people on a stage divided among 25 companies.

“The balance we have made so far is extremely positive, which has forced us to start organizing next year, after having also received the feedback from the companies that assured us that they would like to participate at 20:20. Thus, and with the strong possibility of having extra dates again, the days already confirmed for 20:20 will be October 16 and 31, in Lisbon and Porto respectively. ‘, Assures Fernando Gaspar Barros, from the organization of Brands Like Bands.

Regarding the possibility of the Festival moving on to the Algés Promenade, the organization also assures that this is a theme that will return to the table even before the end of the year as well as other news that is being developed.

However and before that, the seventh edition ends on November 16 in Porto, where there is a big farewell party of 2019.

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