Festivals with good accessibility receive distinction

The Government will create a distinction for festivals that have good accessibility conditions for people with specific needs, whether pregnant, disabled or elderly, with applications open in July.

In a joint statement by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Secretary of State for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities, the Government says that it will create the “Festivals + Accessible” program, similar to what was created to distinguish accessible beaches. already 14 years.

“The Festivals + Accessible Program will distinguish events that are accessible to people with specific needs, such as pregnant women, seniors, wheelchair users, the blind, among others,” said the statement.

He added that this initiative is included in the “All for All” program, a partnership between Turismo de Portugal I.P and the National Institute of Rehabilitation (INR) to make Portugal a tourist destination accessible to all.

“The” All for All “program created by the Government integrates the training of the offer, the promotion of Portugal as a destination for all, training and awareness raising actions and international recognition, namely through partnerships and the recruitment of operators”, Government.

It adds that the estimates point out that tourists with specific needs are responsible for 862 million trips in Europe in 2020.

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