Fiat 500 will be entitled to an electric model

The electrification that currently marks the automotive industry has led some manufacturers to create electric versions of their most popular models. Looking at Fiat, it is clear that the popularity of the 500 model would be the most desirable to receive an electric version.

The car has an electric motor of 87kW capable of providing a top speed of 150km / h and going from 0 to 100km / h in about 9 seconds.

Regarding autonomy, the company says that the Fiat 500 electric has an autonomy for 320km on a single charge and adds that it includes 85kW fast charging which, with just 5 minutes of charge, it is possible to have enough energy for 50km.

In terms of design, Fiat does not escape the characteristic lines of the original model. Instead of changing them, Fiat decided to celebrate them with the help of renowned Italian brands in the field of design. The company asked Giorgio Armani, Bulgari and Kartell to help create special editions of this electric Fiat 500 and can admire them all in the images above and in the videos below.

The car is now available for order in some markets and has a starting price of 37,900 euros.

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