Fiat Concept Centoventi receives “Best Concept Car 2019” award

The Fiat Concept Centoventi is a “blank canvas” ready to be painted according to the customer’s tastes and requirements. In fact, the Centoventi has been designed so that it can be updated with the greatest freedom and imagination in terms of colors, interior configuration, roof and infotainment system and even the autonomy provided by modular batteries.

It represents a radical change in the paradigms of the automotive world. This is really one of the strengths of the concept: no longer having to wait to buy a new car, in the certainty that any moment is the right time to change its configuration.

The Centoventi thus embodies the Fiat concept that “less is more”, that is, freeing a vehicle from everything that is unnecessary or complex, leaving the customer the opportunity to express their preferences and imagination. The Centoventi is a minimalist car and that is the essence of its extreme potential for customization, which makes it totally irreverent. ”

Presented worldwide at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Fiat Concept Centoventi addressed the topic of electric mobility with an innovative business model: it is minimalist and fully customizable in all details and at any stage of its life cycle.

It is only available in one configuration, which can be individualized through the “4U” program, with the possibility to choose between 4 types of roof, 4 bumper options, 4 wheel finishes and 4 paint alternatives.

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