FIFA President congratulates Benfica on winning the national title

FIFA President Gianni Infantino congratulated Benfica for the 37th national title, in a letter sent to the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), which the Lisbon club released today

“It was with great pleasure that I received the news that Benfica won the 2018/19 national championship. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate them for the fifth title in the last six seasons and 37th overall, a record,” says the president of the governing body of world soccer

Infantino says that the Benfica title is “the result of effort and work” and congratulates the whole structure of eagle football, with the incentive to continue to “work with determination and motivation.”

Benfica won the 37th Portuguese Football Championship on Saturday, winning on the 34th and final round of the I Liga Santa Clara, 4-1, finishing with 87 points, two more than FC Porto.

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