FIFA20 fans will be able to try the game in at Colombo’s WORTEN

Experiment space will be in store by October 6 (Sunday)
FIFA20 launch event featured hundreds of fans at Colombo’s Worten store

Until October 6th, FIFA20 fans will have the opportunity to try out the new game in the Colombo Worten Trial Space: the WORTEN GAME RING KICK OFF FIFA20. With four PS4-equipped stations, fans have everything they need for the ultimate gaming experience.

The kick-off of the new FIFA20 was delivered at the Colombo Center Worten on September 26, where hundreds of fans tested the new game firsthand and had the opportunity to meet and play with RicFazeres, one of biggest Portuguese youtubers. The excitement was running high and many people wanted to enter the competition to qualify to win a PS4 bundle with FIFA20.

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