Public figures join the ANP|WWF food sustainability campaign

During the last 2 months, several initiatives were carried out aimed at a young audience (between 15 and 35 years old), which involved various public figures in the Eat4Change campaign, launched by ANP|WWF. A national campaign to raise awareness of the impact of diets on health and the planet, and above all for a greater critical understanding of their choices as consumers and active citizens.

With a lot of creativity, interaction and important information, various digital contents were disseminated on the social networks of the ANP|WWF, through different headings, where the project ambassadors spoke about their eating and consumption habits, but also about their reasons for protecting our planet through sustainable food.

4 different rubrics were created with guests from different areas. ‘O Chef Ensina’ was attended by Chef Pedro Pena Bastos, CURA’s Chef at the Ritz Four Seasons Lisbon, Chef Ana Leão, responsible for the creation of the Colher Torta Project, and Chef Bernardo Agrela, creative consultant of A Praça. Each of these 3 young Chefs created a simple, versatile recipe with organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. In addition, they shared tips on how to combat food waste and showed the versatility and (almost endless) possibilities of combinations with different flavors.

In the ‘Street Market’ section, the ANP|WWF proposed to accompany the actress Ana Varela, the two-time surf champion Miguel Blanco and the couple Catarina and António Raminhos on a trip to the Market where they usually shop. In these episodes, each guest shared tips with the audience to make our day-to-day more sustainable and learn to make more conscious, responsible and planet-friendly choices.

Let Them Talk brought together 2 guests per episode, in relaxed and fun conversations on topics such as the need to eat in a variety of ways, the importance of consuming local and sustainably produced products, avoiding food waste, as well as the importance of eat healthy. This rubric included the participation of Maria Sampaio with Gonçalo Cabral, Vera Kolodzig with Mafalda Matos and Jani Zhao with Zé Manel.

In the coming weeks, the Home Made action will take place, which will feature other well-known names, not only for their careers but also for the fight for food and environmental sustainability!

The Eat4Change project is an international initiative to promote sustainable eating habits that contribute positively not only to the health of citizens, but also to our planet. In Portugal, where inadequate eating habits are responsible for the loss of 15.4% of the population’s healthy life years, this project is developed by ANPIWWF.

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