Fiido X is the revolutionary new folding electric bike

Fiido, the emerging brand of electric bikes, is set to launch a new e-bike in mid-July. In addition to the design, the bike features some revolutionary details and promises a range of over 130 km.

The bike has a magnesium alloy structure, lighter and more resistant. Considering that it is a folding bike, a system was created that allows you to disguise the existence of any hinge, making the frame even more elegant.

So far there aren’t many more details, but as they come up, we’ll definitely introduce them. The final price should be around 2000 dollars, but in the crowdfunding campaign it should be available at half the price. If interested, you can apply now via the pre-launch page to receive more first-hand information.

Fiido is an innovative company dedicated to driving the sports industry forward with technology. Currently, their products are mainly marketed online. Although Fiido is still young, it has gained a reputation for its high quality products and efficient service.

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