Filipa Cardoso, Sónia Santos and Yola Dinis – Fado at “Serões no Casino Estoril”

Livestream from Casino Estoril

On Sunday, August 9, 2020, the first of the shows produced by Artfeist was broadcast in Livestream from Casino Estoril.

For this first show of the series “Serões no Casino Estoril“, Artfeist invited three of the greatest fado singers of today, Filipa Cardoso, Sónia Santos and Yola Dinis, who responded to the invitation by giving those who stayed at home an excellent night of Fado, masterfully accompanied by André Dias on Portuguese Guitar and by Tó Neto on Viola.

Possessing strong, romantic, sweet, serious, emblematic voices, these three fado singers dazzled, as they were able to transmit all the emotions of fado, in a concert without an audience, different, due to the current conditions.

They started the night with a tribute to Amália Rodrigues, whom they consider to be the Queen do Fado, with “Trago Fado nos Sentidos“, lyrics by Amália.

But they pointed out that it was not only Amália who was their idol, fado singers such as Beatriz da Conceição and Maria Amélia Proença, also served as inspiration, having interpreted themes such as “Deste-me um Beijo e Vivi“, “Brincos para Brincar“, “Zanguei-me com o Meu Amor”, “O Fado de Cada Um” and “Nem às Paredes Confesso”, themes well known to all Fado lovers.

But the three ladies did not forget the great poets behind the great fado, as Maria de Lourdes de Carvalho who in her book “Nas rimas do meu fado” wrote ‘that the fadistas are the body and the poets are the soul‘ that give voice António José, Vasco Lima Couto, or Ferrer Trindade.

Themes like “Sombras da madrugada“, “A manhã é uma Andorinha” and “Cuidei que tinha morrido“, were some of the fados with beautiful lyrics that “Quarentonas do Fado” sang and certainly delighted everyone who attended the show.

But as these ladies could not help but leave out the fados of the “Revista” – Musical Teather, those who are sung by everyone, being one of those emblematic figures Hermínia Silva, who was consecrated on the stage of the Teather in the 30s and 40s and the “Marchas“, the oldest ones, sung by the people, that remained in their memory, themes such as “Fado mora em Lisboa“, “Sou um Fado desta Idade”, “Na rua dos meus ciúmes” and “Enquanto houver Santo António“, are good examples.

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