Filipa Vieira launches “Vai Dar Banho ao Cão”

Filipa Vieira was born in Lisbon and fado was always present in her life. Since she was a little girl, her father sang fados to her at bedtime, and, at the age of 11, she made her debut in public. She considers Amália Rodrigues to be the most excellent fado star and it is in Beatriz da Conceição, she finds a personal reference.

Since then, Filipa Vieira has traveled the routes of typical fado houses, stages, and associations in Lisbon. The inventive, curious and daring spirit of the fado singer led her to join the cast of the show “Tablao de Fado”, in 2013, a mix of contemporary dance, flamenco, and fado, directed by Alexandra Batáglia at Teatro Ibérico, in Lisbon.

Exploration without prejudice has always been part of the construction of her artistic identity and it was in her adolescence that she was seduced by more electronic and experimental sounds. Filipa Vieira now materializes her imagination and artistic career in a unique vision of her Fado.

“Vai dar banho ao cão” is Filipa Vieira’s debut single, a song that wants to make it clear that folklore is cultural, clashing with misogyny, an ode to the female universe and all the freedom it contains.

The theme is the first advance for the project that will be edited shortly with the name “Sabe Deus”. Filipa takes her Fado on an experimental journey, a path she takes accompanied by producer Tiago Pais Dias, the marriage of their very different universes, thus resulting in a fresh, courageous sound with a lot of roots.

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